Colt Scout: Indy Checks Out East Coast MLB

The Colts have plenty of reasons to be interested in a certain east coast middle linebacker who should be available on day two of the 2007 draft. And they recently had a scout at one of his games. Jerry Langton tells you more about him and how he fits with the Colts.

Devraun Thompson
MLB Rutgers

Numbers: 5103/223/4.72

2006 stats: 23 tackles, 29 assists, 9.5-42 tackles for loss, 4-26 sacks, 1-32-0 interception, 1 forced fumble
2005 stats: 46 tackles, 51 assists, 8-23 tackles for loss, 2-15 sacks, 1-0-0 interception, 3 passes defensed, 2 forced fumbles

The player: Stop me if you've heard this before. The Colts have traveled to a Rutgers game to take a look at an undersized tackling machine who plays middle linebacker. He's short (the 5'11 he's listed at would require sizable lifts), but makes up for it by flying all over the field and making some great hits. He's a good tackler for his size and can blitz, drop into coverage and pursue. He's not great at recognizing routes yet, but is an ace at blowing up play-action and draw plays. His size limits him at the point of attack, but he uses his hands well enough to shed all but the biggest or most determined blockers. More quick than fast, his unimpressive measurables will scare off a number of suitors. If you're still reading, this second coming of a former Scarlet Knights prospect who now plays middle linebacker in Indy, young Mr. Thompson may not have the original's heart of a lion, but he is a better athlete and could have similar or even better success in the right system.

How he fits: Although Brian Leonard has brought national attention to Rutgers, Thompson's inability to see the top of Bob Sanders' head without standing on his tiptoes will work against him in the draft. The Colts, of course, have a history of not caring about height and could very easily make Thompson a second-day pick. If they acquired him, the Colts would - as is their habit - audition him on special teams and give him a few plays on defense for his first season or two to determine if he has the stuff to be a starter.

Reminds me of: Jeez, there is a guy … he even plays for the Colts ... I just can't remember his name right now. I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.

Photo: Kevin Rivoli/AP

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