Dungy: Romo Gives Dallas Energy

Colts head coach Tony Dungy explained what Tony Romo has done for Dallas, making them tougher to beat. And find out what he had to say about their receivers, as well as a couple of his own players like TE Ben Utecht and S Antoine Bethea...

(general comments)
"Getting ready for Dallas, they present a big challenge. They are playing well. We're kind of looking forward to the challenge. A 3-4 defense, much like New England and that part of it, it's a little more familiar this time around. Offensively, they've changed a little bit with Tony Romo playing, so we've had to work on some different things. For us, trying to get our fundamentals down and do what we do and see if we can just play a little bit better than we played last week."

(on if the difference with QB-Tony Romo is that he is more mobile)
"No, he has given them a little more energy for whatever reason. The biggest thing that he's doing is he is making plays when the design of the original play breaks down. That's what they hadn't had, I don't think, is just things good for them happen when the original play isn't there. That's what he's done really well."

(on Dallas' receiving corps)
"They have some top-flight receivers. Obviously, both their wide guys have been in the Pro Bowl, their tight end has been in the Pro Bowl and they can do some things. Even Patrick Crayton, he's played well the last three or four weeks on the tape that we've seen. So, we're going to have our hands full and it's quite a challenge to handle their power running game and do a good job on those receivers."

(on if there is anything about the 3-4 defense that poses a problem)
"Not really. It all comes down to personnel, and when you have good people, some of the 3-4 teams we have played have (had good personnel). And that's probably the biggest problem we've had. But it is a different style of rush and different things that you have to take care of, different calls with your offensive line. So, we have to review that, but mainly it's the players that you're playing against."

(on if picking up the blitz is the most different thing about a 3-4 defense)
"Probably more so than anything because they have more guys that can come. Usually, when you play a 4-3 team and a linebacker comes, it's a blitz and you know what's going on. Here, they can bring different guys and drop guys and try to get mismatches in the pass rush. So, there are a few more calls involved usually in the offensive line play. Again, not something that we haven't seen before."

(on if the team is progressing the way he would like)
"We're progressing well. We're doing a lot of good things. Unfortunately, some negative things can really turn that around. We're playing a game and it's going in pretty good shape Sunday (vs. Buffalo), we had a chance to make it 13-3 or 17-3 and we're going to get the ball to start the second half, so you're feeling pretty good. All of a sudden, you have one fumble, they pick it up and run it for a touchdown, it's 10-10 and the game is completely different on one play. That's the lesson that you're trying to teach guys, that every play is important and you have to execute every one. But we're doing a lot of positive things and we're certainly happy to be 9-0."

(on DB-Antoine Bethea)
"Antoine is a guy that hasn't been over-awed by anything. I think he's kind of had a chip on his shoulder coming in from I-AA to show everybody that it's still football. He's been real mature and hasn't made many errors, but just hasn't taken anything too seriously. He's just done his job and that's probably the biggest thing."

(on TE-Ben Utecht)
"Ben's developing really well. He came here as more of an H-Back, wide receiver type of guy. That's what he did in college. We knew he was going to be able to catch the ball and run routes and be good out in space, but because of having Dallas (Clark) here, he's had to develop into that blocker and point-of-attack guy and really made himself into that type of tight end. He's done a great job of it so far and been a real asset this year."

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