Dungy: Colts Will Be Under Pressure

On Monday at his press conference, Tony Dungy talked about the mounting pressure that other teams are putting on Indianapolis, the team not paying attention to detail as much as he would like, Eagles quarterback Jeff Garcia and more!

(opening comments)
"Looking at the game and having the chance to take a look at it, I have to start and take my hat off to the Cowboys. I thought they played very physical, they played energized, they made the big plays, they kept us out of the end zone and the red area a good bit. They did a really good job. I think a lot of the credit for winning the game has to go to them. We went in and had our chances but didn't play well. We were disappointed, obviously to lose, but probably more disappointed in not doing some of the things that it takes to win. I guess that's my focus, that we have to get back to that and make sure we're understanding what we do have to do. I can safely say that it wasn't the 3-4 defense and the fact that they had four linebackers out on the field. It wasn't that they had big guys on offense and they wore us down. I think we can dismiss those things. They had good players that played well. We didn't play well. We gave away some points and potentially gave away some more that they didn't take advantage of, and we're going to have to stop doing that. If we do, I think we can be a good team. If we don't, we're going to struggle like this week in and week out, and we're going to have to rely on big plays in the fourth quarter to win games. At some point, we just have to start playing a little bit better fundamentally, but there's nothing that we need to change other than doing what we should do play in and play out, lining up right, blocking the right people, hitting the right gaps, catching the ball when it comes to us, tackling them when we're in the hole and have a chance to tackle them. And when we do that, we're pretty good. We did it in spurts yesterday, but not enough to beat a good team."

(on with winning so may games in a row if you can get complacent and not pay attention to detail as much as you would like)
"That is a possibility, and right now, that's where we are. We've been outscored in the fourth quarter this year, which isn't a good sign. We've made more mistakes than I like to see us make. We've had situations where it's hard to understand some of the things that we do, not lining up right and not just doing really routine things, not playing defense the way it's designed. And when that happens, you begin to wonder a little bit. But it's certainly nothing major that we have to do. It's not a matter of people catching up with us or figuring out how to play us. I think we just have to get back, in spite of the fact of being 9-1, and we can't lose sight of that. We have to get back to doing little things the way we need to do them."

(on if it is easier to get the team's attention following a loss)
"You would hope not, but I think some of the things you talk about during the winning streak, when you see it happens in a loss and you see that it affects you; you say one turnover, one bad play, one dumb penalty can make a difference, and you show it in a game that you win and it almost makes a difference but you overcome it, maybe you don't look at it as critically. But we certainly had our share of those yesterday, and any one of them could have been the difference in the game."

(on if the pressure of the undefeated record was getting to the team)
"No pressure, no. I would like to see us play well. I would like to see us win every game, and I would like to see us play better than we played last year. Now, the one benefit is we won't have to answer questions about the undefeated (season), ‘Can you, will you try,' and all of that. But there was no pressure on us last year. There was no pressure on us yesterday. There wouldn't have been any pressure had we kept winning."

(on paying attention to detail and execution)
"We hope so, and hopefully that will be the benefit of this game, if we have learned the lesson that details are important, that doing things the right way on every play, every guy just doing their job, nothing spectacular, but just do your job on every play. That's what we preach, really, for three years and we've been pretty good at it. It's a funny saying, but if you don't lose the game, you really have a good chance to win. We had done a good job of that for about two-and-a-half years of not losing games and not just giving them away and (if you make) the other team beat you, then you're going to win your share. I still believe that's a good, sound philosophy and a philosophy we should play by."

(on the reason for not losing back-to-back games)
"I don't know what the ticket for that is. Hopefully we still have that mystique going. Usually, that's just hard work and doing a good job on those details, and hopefully we can bounce back and do that this week. I think it's going to be a task for our team to not fall in the trap that everyone is going to say, ‘Well, Donovan McNabb is not playing, so Philadelphia doesn't have much of a chance.' They have a former Pro Bowl quarterback (Jeff Garcia) playing who knows their system and they won't be any different. We have to come out and play much better. This is a team that handled Dallas pretty easily when they played them."

(on it seeming like three teams have distinguished themselves in the AFC—Indianapolis, Baltimore and San Diego)
"We're going to have our hands full staying in front of Jacksonville, which is our number one goal, and we're one game ahead of San Diego and one game ahead of Baltimore right now. They're playing well and they're on streaks. Everything points to them continuing to win, so I think there's going to be pressure on us to continue to win. We'll see how we respond."

(on Philadelphia's offense and their passing game without QB-Donovan McNabb)
"They're going to throw it. That's their offense and they're going to continue to do what they do. They're very explosive. They've been explosive in the passing game. They've been explosive in the running game. Their screen game is as good as anybody in the league and they get a lot of big plays to Brian Westbrook on screens. So, we think they're going to continue to do what they do and we have to be ready to defend that."

(on what concerns him about the turnovers)
"I'm concerned that we're giving up more than we're getting. When we do that, it makes it really tough to win. We've done that two weeks in a row. I'm concerned that we have untimely penalties, kind of unforced penalties at the wrong time, and concerned that we just aren't as sharp as we need to be. But when you are sharp, you don't turn the ball over. When you are sharp, you don't have penalties. That's why we have to get our sharpness back."

(on playing better on the road than at home)
"We haven't played as well at home as we have on the road, and that's what I'd really like to see this week, us come out and play sharp and get going right from the beginning. That will be our challenge this week."

(on what he expects from the Eagles without QB-Donovan McNabb)
"They have talented guys all through their lineup, and it's not like they're going to an unknown guy. They're going to a guy who's been in Pro Bowls, who knows the system as well as Donovan knows it, and who's proven what he can do. I don't expect them to really change too much, and I think they're going to come out knowing that they have six weeks to either make or break their season. So, we're going to see their best."

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