Reid: Eagles Need to Work on the Basics

Eagles head coach Andy Reid talked about more than just the loss of QB Donovan McNabb at his press conference on Wednesday. He addressed other important issues like dropped passes and missed tackles as he prepares his team for Indianapolis this week.

(On what changes need to be made in the offense to better suit QB Jeff Garcia)
"Well, not much. He and [QB] Donovan [McNabb] were similar in that they're both mobile quarterbacks, so he can do that part of the package the same that you do with Don. And he has a lot of experience in this offense, so most of the throws that we had in before we will keep in."

(On whether they will try and roll Garcia out more)
"That's been one of his strengths, to throw on the move. We'll see how it goes, how it works."

(On whether he anticipates him throwing to the WRs more as he gets more work with them at practice) 
"I think it is not fair really to judge him on Sunday. I think it will be a different look when he has an opportunity to practice. You don't practice the number two quarterbacks much, if at all, during the week in the NFL." 

(On whether he has had a chance to gauge where everyone's head is at after dealing with all the different things from Sunday)
"I don't think there is any time for people to think negative right now, not on this football team. Other people can do that. But on this football team there is no time for that. You figure out what your problem is and, man, you get it fixed, right now. That means coaches and players. That's where your energy better be going." 

(On how they can fix the dropped passes)
"You go right back to the basics and that is looking the football all the way in and not pulling your eyes off of it to make a play down the field. You exaggerate it all the way into your hands and into the tuck position. That's what you focus on and concentrate on." 

(On whether he feels the receivers might be trying too hard to make a play sometimes) 
"I think they are trying hard to catch the football. There have been some drops in there, but they're trying. At the same time you have to go back and you have to focus in on the fundamental part of it and they are not always doing that. We need to get that taken care of." 

(On how they fix the tackling problems they are having)
"You work on it. They'll be in pads today and you work on it. It's the only way I know how to fix it and the players understand that." 

(On whether having the players in pads in November is unusual) 
"Well, it is, but I think it is important right now. I think you've got to put a little emphasis on the tackling part if it is not getting done right. The players understand that. They're the ones out there doing it and they know. We're going to keep the pads on today and work on some tackling." 

(On how fundamentals can disappear in the middle of the year)
"It happens. That happens with teams and you have to work your way through it, kind of like a batter hitting a ball. You go through a slump – or like a pitcher throwing a ball. There are slumps and you have to work through it. That's the only way to get through it. If you just sit there and think that it is going to change, then you're wrong. We're going to keep pushing through it and get it right." 

(On whether players are more receptive when things aren't going right)
"This group has been very good that way. You know, you asked me about the pads – there are teams that a coach will tell you to put the pads back on and they‘ll look at you cross-eyed. There's none of that. They are pretty realistic about things. They haven't fought the coaching part and they want to be good. I don't question that part." 

(On Colts QB Peyton Manning)
"Peyton Manning is a great player. He is playing as well as or better than anybody in the NFL at his position. He's a smart guy and a great challenge for 
our defense. You have to do a little studying when you play Peyton Manning." 

(On whether it is tough for a QB in a loud dome situation)
"It can be, yeah, and it is loud there. That's something we are going to work on. We've got noise pumped into our [indoor practice facility] that we'll use in the next day or two. It will be something that we have to address for sure."

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