Manning: Colts Want to Defend Home Turf

Peyton Manning answered a few questions for the media after practice regarding the Dallas game, preparing for the Eagles, and what he's thankful for at this time of year.

(on if it was frustrating looking at the Dallas film seeing plays that could have been made)
"Certainly, it was disappointing and then when you watch the film, you realize that Dallas certainly out-executed us in certain areas, but we helped their cause at times as well. We've had some similar type plays in games that we've won, but we either made the play to overcome it or it just didn't come back to haunt us. Some things we need to correct, and hopefully we do better from the mistakes we made and learn from them and be a better team for it."

(on if it is easier to learn after a loss)
"I think we have improved week to week. We talk about getting better every week and the good teams and the professional players are the ones that, even in a win, find the little things that they could have done even better. Obviously, when you lose a game, it is disappointing and hopefully we can use it as kind of a rallying point and get started on another winning streak. But we need to go out there and have a good week of practice this week in order to do that."

(on how he would describe the film session)
"It was on Monday when we came in. When you watch the film, you see some things that you did well. On the drives that we scored on you saw some good execution, you saw some good passes, good runs, and then the drives that we didn't score, Dallas made some plays, but we also did some things to kind of hurt ourselves."

(on if it is hard to play against a team that has lost their starting quarterback)
"I think on the outside I guess people can analyze this game another way, but for me and the offense, all we're really concerned with is the defense. Brian Dawkins and (Jeremiah) Trotter, those guys are plenty to think about. I know Coach Dungy addresses it, whoever's in there at quarterback, and (Jeff) Garcia's a guy who has made a ton of plays in his career and (A.J.) Feely won four out of five games when he played three years ago. Donovan McNabb, it makes me sick to my stomach that he's out for the year. I called him and wished him the best. That was sad news to hear. Our defense will still have plenty to get ready for when you have (Brian) Westbrook and (Donte') Stallworth and (Correll) Buckhalter over there as well."

(on if he spoke to QB-Donovan McNabb)
"I called and left him a voicemail. He sent me a text message back kind of in his own way. He sounded pretty upbeat, the way that he always is, which is a credit to Donovan. He's always an upbeat guy and I know he'll attack his rehab with as much intensity as anybody and I expect him to be back full-go next year."

(on still playing for home-field advantage)
"Really the target this week is to try to get a win. We have a home game against Philly and it's one of our last three home games, and we'd like to be able to go all season defending our home turf. That's one thing we always try to do. We're glad to be at home and want to be able to come out and play well and try to get a win against a good Philadelphia team."

(on what he is thankful for)
"I'm just thankful for my family and good teammates and our coaches and our health. I think everybody on this team is thankful for many things. Here in the middle of the season, Thanksgiving comes, it's a good time to kind of re-check your priorities and realize what's important and what you're thankful for. No question, there are many blessings to be thankful for."

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