Trotter: Eagles Can't Overlook Colts RBs

Jeremiah Trotter is one of the leaders of the Eagles defense, and he talked frankly this week to the media about what it will take for the defense to improve, working against Peyton Manning this week, and not overlooking the Colts' rushing attack.

(On how they can fix their tackling problems)
"I think it is mental, it's an attitude. Tackling is an attitude. When you go to tackle somebody you just have to go after them like a crazy man. Also, you have to have people swarming the ball. Obviously, in this league with as good as players are, you're going to have – they're going to make some people miss. But when you do, you have to have at least two or three more guys there to pick up the slack."

(On whether emotion is overrated or does this team not have enough)
"I think we a need lot more of it. It's tough, and really, you just have two guys that are firing up a lot of guys. Offense is a little bit different. Those guys are a little bit mellow, laid back. And that is most offenses. But on the defensive side of the ball, we have a lot of quiet guys on the team but at the same time [FS Brian] Dawkins is a quiet guy also. But when it is time to play ball he is one of the craziest [guys] out there."

(On whether aside from him and Dawkins if they need more emotional guys)
"Definitely. I think we could definitely use some guys to bring a little bit more emotion. Obviously, they look to us to set the tempo but they could break out a little bit more spirit, so to speak."

(On why people should be optimistic about the rest of the season)
"You just have to keep the hope alive. We still have six games left and we are right in the middle of the pack. But at the same time – I know a lot of people are talking about the Giants lost or whatever – it doesn't matter who lost. If we can't win then it doesn't matter. We have to go out, starting this week and make sure we play our style of football because in order to beat the Colts we need to be on top of our game in every phase."

(On how rare it is to be in pads in November and how feels about it)
"You know what, we need it, man, we need it. Around this time, normally when we win we may try to lobby for no pads. But when things are going the way they are going, nobody says anything. Obviously, it is something we need. We wore full pads after the bye week just to get accustomed to wearing the pads and hitting a little bit because we are going to have to go out Sunday night and play a hard-nosed, physical ball game."

(On whether he could imagine the team being 5-5 midway through this season after going to the Super Bowl only two seasons ago)
"No, you never imagine things dropping off as far as it has. But you can't really look at the past the only thing you can control is the future. I said last week that these are the times that really test your leadership, test your heart, your determination and passion for the game and test you as being a professional athlete. So, we'll find out now who has that dog in them. Who has that passion and that fight and will just continue to fight no matter how bad things look right now."

(On whether it is his job to read Colts QB Peyton Manning's audibles at the line of scrimmage)
"No, you don't have time to be out there trying to listen to what he's saying. You just have get yourself lined up and get ready to play."

(On whether the Colts offense is the most difficult they've had to prepare for)
"Definitely. The talent, everyone knows how good of a quarterback Peyton [Manning] is, I don't have to sit up here and talk about that, I mean he speaks for himself. He has two of the better receivers in the NFL. And when you add those two with Peyton you're in for along day. We have to do a good job of covering. We have to do a good job of pressuring the quarterback, and we have to stop the run. They have two good running backs too. Peyton Manning and those guys put up such good numbers you have a tendency of overlooking the running backs. I think, combined, they have over 1000 yards rushing. So, we have our hands full Sunday night. But I guarantee you this, we're going to be ready to play."

(On how much one win can affect this season)
"You know what, I don't think one win is going to do it. I thought that the week before against Washington. We went out and played the way we wanted to play and then came out last week and pretty much stunk it up. I think it's going to take a few wins, just stringing those wins together to just gradually build our confidence. I don't think it's just a confidence problem, I think it's a lack of concentration. All the penalties, dropped passes, turnovers, penalties on defense, giving up big runs. It's just a lack of concentration and not being disciplined in our gaps"

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