Dungy: Eagles "Tough to Move the Ball On"

Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked about LB Rob Morris, the offense needing to be sharper, Eagles head coach Andy Reid and more this week following practice...

On what needs to happen for the defense to get more takeaways:
"Generally, you have to get people throwing the ball. You have to get ahead. But more than anything, it's playing aggressively, it's playing physically, and when the ball is in the air, reacting to it."

On needing to be sharper on offense:
"Yes. We haven't been a big giveaway team, and all of a sudden we had two against Buffalo and four against (Dallas). That's a lot for us."

On six fumbles from six different players the last two games:
"And that's where it is disappointing. It has to be our M.O. to hang on to the ball and to not have whatever kind of breakdown it is, whether it is pass protection, whether it's not identifying something right and turning the guy loose, whether it's not carrying the ball right. Whatever it is, you have to get it eliminated."

On with all of the quarterback injuries, how fortunate the Colts are that Peyton Manning has played 138 consecutive games:
"If you set things up based on your quarterback playing 150 games in a row, you wouldn't make it most of the time. Tom Brady, I guess has played every one since he started and Brett (Favre) has and Peyton has, but most guys don't. We do think we're fortunate. We think we have a quarterback that works at it and understands the game and tries not to get hit. We have a line that tries not to let him get hit. We think we have a good system and all of those things, but you still have to be fortunate. So you do everything that you can and then you count your blessings when it works out."

On if things change when your starting QB is out:
"As a coach, you can't allow it to, and I know Andy (Reid) won't. They won't let that be an excuse. They were 4-1 when A.J. (Feeley) played (in 2002) and felt like they should have been 5-0, and that's how you have to do it. We made a change in 1999 in Tampa and went to Eric Zeier, and then Eric got hurt and we went back, and then Trent (Dilfer) got hurt and Shaun (King) played and we got on a winning streak. That's the way you have to approach it. It doesn't matter who plays. We have to come up with a way to get the job done."

On how LB-Rob Morris has played the last two games:
"He's played pretty well, as well as he's played probably since I've been here and doing it with less practice time. So, I thought he was very good."

On if he was surprised with how LB-Rob Morris played:
"Not surprising, no, because he prepares himself and he gets ready to go and he's always ready."

On what stands out about Philadelphia:
"They are a lot like Dallas was. They have some great stats for a 5-5 team. They are No. 2 in the league on offense. They have more big plays than anybody. They have more yards than anybody but one team. They are tough to move the ball on defensively. They give you a lot of looks and get a lot of big plays on defense with their blitzes. You look at one side of the ball and then the other side and you can't figure out how they're 5-5. But they lose a game with a 65-yard field goal and a 17-point comeback and they lost one on the last play of the game to New Orleans, so this is a team that very easily could have eight wins. They're going to be tough."

On Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid:
"Good coach, very solid. They have a great system. First, I was at Minnesota and they were at Green Bay, so it goes back a long ways. We've competed against them a long time, and the thing, their guys are always going to be prepared, they're going to be ready to go. They don't really deviate from what they do. They out-execute you, and I have a lot of respect for that."

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