Colts Postgame Quotes

Following Sunday night's win, Tony Dungy and a few of the Colts shared their thoughts on a game that had plenty of positives a week after a disappointing loss the previous week in Dallas.

"That was a good win for us. I told the team in the locker room it was good to see us bounce back and play well. That's what we talked about all week. We came out strong early. We had a feeling that they would play a lot of base defense against us and try to not let our receivers get going. I thought Joseph (Addai) obviously and Dominic (Rhodes) both ran well. I thought Peyton (Manning) was very patient and we made just enough plays on defense when we needed to. So it was a good win for us tonight and really nice to bounce back and play well after we didn't play well last week." -- Tony Dungy

"Our execution was good. Obviously, the running game was excellent. The offensive line, tight ends, receivers all did a great job blocking. Joe (Addai) and Dom(inic Rhodes) ran real well. Anytime you get those long runs into the end zone, those are your best red zone plays ever. I thought it was really good execution. It was an improvement over last week. The running game was good. Really, we only had the one three-and-out that one series, but for the most part we were kind of dictating out there. Philly was concerned about our receivers outside and kind of sat back in zone coverage and gave us some great run looks and we executed." -- Peyton Manning

"Joseph is a very, very good player, and he's played well for us all year. He got some opportunities. We rode the hot hand a little bit. We actually ran the ball more in this game than we probably have in a while. So people got a chance to see what he can do. But he's been good for us all year. The great thing about Joseph is he has a tremendous knowledge of the game and he learns well. He played in a system in college that forced you to think a little bit. And he's just a very mature guy. I don't think he'll feel any different tomorrow than he did the first 10 weeks of the season. He just got some opportunities. He knows he's a good back and he just wants to come in here and fit in and he's done that really well."  -- Tony Dungy

"It always feels good to get 100 yards, but me and Dominic (Rhodes) both, we do a good job, and 10-1, that says a lot. It felt good, but I'm glad I got the 100 yards so I don't have to worry about trying to get it again. I've been close, 85, 93, 78. Now I can go out and just do the small things." -- Joseph Addai

"We had a good week of practice and guys were disappointed after last week's game, and you always want to get a win and get that taste out of your mouth." -- Peyton Manning

"That was huge. They tried a trick play and we know trick plays. We just had to stay back in coverage and it came right to me." -- Nick Harper talking about his interception

"We talked about, last night and today, playing with passion, playing with energy. And I thought we did that. We came out and we played very hard. We made some things happen. We're flying around on defense. Obviously it's tough on them when they lose their leader and number one quarterback, but I thought we came out early and we kept the crowd in it. Probably the best we've played at home this year…I thought our offense stayed very patient, did a great job." -- Tony Dungy

"A lot of holes were open, a lot of them created by the receivers we have. We just took advantage of the run today." -- Joseph Addai

"We always want to try and get the running game established every single game we come into. They have been a team that has been vulnerable against the run, statistically coming in, so that was something we looked at coming in, wanted to try and establish. I don't think we foresaw running it this well and running the entire game for the most part, but an outstanding job by everyone in the run blocking and the running department." -- Peyton Manning

"We had a good game plan coming in. We knew (RB-Brian) Westbrook was going to be their feature back and we knew we'd have to stop him." -- Nick Harper

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