Manning Excited About New Opportunities

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning talked about his excitement over getting the three-wide receiver set active again in the offense, rookie running back Joseph Addai, Titans rookie quarterback Vince Young and more following Wednesday's practice.

On a good opportunity coming up this week to clinch the division heading into the final stretch:
"A good stretch coming up for us. We have five games left, all five AFC games and three AFC South games all on the road. So definitely a good test and a good solid month of football for us coming up. It starts this week going to Nashville. Every time we've gone down there, we've had some good games with these guys. We were fortunate to win the first game, 14-13. They're 4-2 since that game and probably playing some of their best football right now. So, we need to have a good week this week at practice."

On WR-Ricky Proehl seeming ready to go:
"Ricky's a guy that I've kind of gotten to know a little bit. I think he's excited to be here and we're always looking to add good football players. That's one thing (Colts President) Bill Polian's always done, is try to add quality football players. And anytime you're going to add a wide receiver, you're never going to get any complaints from me. But a pretty impressive resume', 17th year in the league and he's played in a number of big games and played in some championship games. He's a guy that it will not take him long to pick up this offense, that's one thing for certain."

On how much a guy like Ricky Proehl, who has a lot of experience, can help a team that already has experience:
"Anytime you add a good veteran, a guy that's been around, a guy that's just used to winning, it definitely can help you. It can help you in the locker room or could help some of our younger players. Nobody has the kind of experience that he's had. He and Junior Seau are the only two 17-year veterans in the league that I know of. He's a guy that can come in and I think help us real soon."

On getting the three-wide receiver set back:
"We just haven't used it a whole lot. The three-wides package was always kind of geared around Brandon (Stokley) and that position that Ricky (Proehl) will play also, that slot position. So, it would be nice to be able to have that back into our repertoire. We used it some against the Titans the first game and that kind of got us on a little bit of a roll. We always like to be mixed and like to have a mix of formations and personnel groupings. So, it would be great to get both of those guys out there this Sunday if possible."

On if he marvels at some of the one-hand catches by his wide receivers, particularly WR-Reggie Wayne's against Philadelphia:
"Yes, and that one was…nobody in here is quite as surprised by them because we're used to seeing those guys, he and Marvin (Harrison) and those guys make those kinds of catches all of the time. But at the same time, I've never taken him for granted. It was good coverage on the play, threw the ball to the outside where it was kind of where our guy has a chance to make it but at worst it's going to be incomplete. And because the guy did have good coverage, I did keep it outside and Reggie, the only way he could have caught it was to make it a one-handed catch. The fact that he got his feet in bounds was even more impressive…It was a phenomenal catch, and I thought that was a real kind of game-changing play because they had a good drive and we had already scored some points and it was a real quick-strike answer play to kind of get us back on a role."

On RB-Joseph Addai's performance against Philadelphia:
"It was impressive during the game, but it was impressive on the film, too. We'll watch the film as a group today after practice, but I've already seen it on my own. Just a lot of impressive things on the field, the blocking, the perimeter blocking outside by the receivers and the tight ends, the line did an awesome job. But really Joe and Dom(inic Rhodes) both ran the ball well. Dom had some great runs as well. Joe's the guy that got in the end zone. He was in there more in the red zone package. But no question, he made a lot of guys miss on his own. Usually, on every run play, there is going to be a guy that's unblocked and we say, ‘Hey, that's the running back's guy.' And if that guy is a cornerback or a safety, you like for your running back to win that matchup. In all of the cases, his touchdowns, everybody blocked, there was that one free guy and Joe made those guys miss. He either ran through them or did a little shake on them and that was nice to see. That was the first time in a little while that we've had those longer red zone touchdown runs. You always try to draw up good plays in the red zone. I always say that's the best play you have right there, to hand it off and to run a 20-yard touchdown run in. So it was good to see that hopefully we can get more out of that, out of he and Dom, from here on out."

On the difference between the Titans team now and the one the Colts played in October:
"They're just playing well. They're making a lot of plays. They have (DT-Albert) Haynesworth back, who's a huge presence inside and some of their new starters like (David) Thornton and (Chris) Hope, it's their first year in the system. We played them early on and now those guys are more comfortable in the system, so you just see them communicating and making a lot of plays right now."

On QB-Vince Young's improvement and getting experience early:
"I think playing as a rookie is beneficial. I think you just get more comfortable. There are certain things on the field that you're going to see that you just can't quite get in the classroom or on the sidelines. He's making a lot of plays right now."

On the difficulty of playing three road conference games in four weeks:
"No question. Every time you play on the road in this league, it's tough, especially here in (December). A lot of things are being decided and a lot of guys are laying it all out there on the line. So, no question, this is a tough, tough stretch for us and it won't be any tougher than it will be this week in Nashville."

In-story photo: AP Photo/Tom Gannam

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