Five Questions With Tyjuan Hagler

Colts linebacker Tyjuan Hagler talked to Ed Thompson this week about the team's outlook after the loss in Dallas, his touchdown-saving tackle against the Eagles, and more in this "Five Questions" feature.

Check back Sunday morning for part two of our interview with Tyjuan where he'll share his thoughts on the Titans, Pacman Jones and fellow special teams star Darrell Reid...and more!

ET: Tell us a little bit about what you thought the major differences were between how you guys played against Dallas versus how you played last Sunday night.

TH: The difference was we played more sound football. Against Dallas, we had a lot of mental errors and things we don't normally do, and obviously that's why we got beat; we don't usually turn the ball over or miss a lot of tackles on defense. We just let a lot of things get away from us and played all out of whack and just really weren't ourselves. Against the Eagles, we got back to playing Colts football and played a good game.

ET: What was the mood of the team after the Dallas game versus the other games this season?

TH: Actually there wasn't much of a difference. Obviously we were mad because we lost, but people weren't yelling at each other. Peyton was telling us "come on we've got to get that out of here…let's work on our technique and get back to playing Colts football." Everyone in that locker room knew that we beat ourselves.

ET: What happened on that kickoff return where you came flying into the picture to save what looked like was going to be a touchdown?

TH:  I actually had no idea what happened that let him run so far with the ball, because I had contain on the left side of the field and the ball was kicked to the right. So I just had to run him down from behind. My teammates said I gave a lot of effort and didn't give up on the play…a lot of people congratulated me afterwards.

ET: Do you feel like you've settled into your groove after being inactive early in the season and now contributing on game day ever since?

TH: Oh yeah, I think they're pleased with the way I'm playing because I've been going out there and doing my job. They didn't think I was quite ready back then, but now they think I'm ready and it just feels good to go out there filled with confidence from the coaches.

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