Travis Henry: Media Conference Quotes

Tennessee running back Travis Henry played a huge role in the Titans' success when they played Indianapolis earlier this year. So he fielded a few questions from the media this week...

On their team turnaround after last Colts game:
"As a team we played good. Obviously the Colts are good team. We came right down to the wire and the Colts defeated us. After that, everything just turned around for us. That was the turning point for us going in and playing a good team like the Colts, and almost beating them, our confidence just shot up that high."

On the overall improvement of Vince Young:
"He's just been more patient and trusting in his receivers. He's growing up right in front of our eyes. At first he was real timid. When he doesn't see a receiver open, he just goes with his first read, his second read, he just takes off. He's making plays and that's what we drafted him for, including all that he's doing a wonderful job."

On Vince Young's passing game last week:
"He was a big part of our winning Sunday. He threw the ball nice all day. He didn't have any takedowns. He was hitting the receivers that were open. It was good to see him get that confidence, and for us to start believing in him a lot more and throwing the ball with him a lot more. This is going to help us out down the road and it gives us a good feel."

On the 2006 season and what it means to him:
"For me to experience what I went through in Buffalo and then last year, staying healthy and getting that squared away, basically I can't ask for anything more. I really think it has opened up a lot of eyes around the league. I'm back and I'm running like I did in Buffalo. I'm running better whatever the case is. It's been good and I'm enjoying it. We have a young team. I'm feeling it and think we can do some big things here."

On how hard he was on himself during the down times:
"I was really hard. I knew what I could do. I had to clear my head and put a lot of things into perspective and just go out and perform. That was my thing, I think I was more disappointed in myself because I knew all the time what type of player I could be and I was. I just needed to get my head clear and being healthy and going out and perform. That's basically what I have done. I've just been focused, concentrating on football and having fun again. It's been great."

On how people are responding to him now:
"It's funny in a sense. It's like people have a tendency to forget what I had done in my first couple of years in the league. Some people are kind of surprised, but to me, I'm not surprised because I've been there and done that and this is what I hope to be doing. And that's how I feel about it."

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