Conference Call Highlights: Reggie Wayne

This week Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne talked about the Titans, the Colts re-signing him instead of Edgerrin James, former teammate Ben Hartsock, Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning's television commercials and more!

On how nice it would be to win the AFC South this early:
"It would be great, especially when you have so many milestones to get. You can get one out of the way and focus on the next goal. We're all excited and hopefully we can go to Tennessee and have a great outing."

On the Colts re-signing him last off-season and not re-signing Edgerrin James:
"I guess I was the chosen one I guess (laughing). It's a great feeling knowing that you're wanted somewhere, especially with me and Edge being good friends. He's done so much and accomplished so many things here. It just goes to show that a lot of hard work pays off. When it comes down to the season I can't let them down and I have to let them know that they did a great job for keeping me."

On how fortunate he considers himself to be a part of the Colts offense:
"I'm fortunate enough to be living everyday. I'm fortunate enough to be in the NFL period. It's so hard to get here and be stable as it is. What is it 3.5 years for the average player? So to be here six years, it's great."

On why opponents haven't found ways to slow down the Colts offense:
"We have so many weapons and we're blessed with that. You kind of only focus on one guy or two guys, but we have four or five guys that you have to worry about and that's one advantage that we have. Teams do a pretty good job of slowing us down. A lot of teams go at us doing different things. A lot of people go at us with more zone coverage. A lot of teams try to come in and run the ball against our defense and keep us off the field. When we are on the field we all understand that every drive counts. It's been plenty of times where we only had the ball three times in a half. From here on out every time we're on that field we have to get some points some kind of way."

On if he knows going into a game when he can expect a lot of balls:
"We'll if you ask me I never get enough balls. But at the same time you never know. Like I said earlier, you're blessed with a lot of talent around you and a lot that can make big plays. It's one of those things around here that you pick your poison. Whenever the ball comes your way you definitely have to catch it because if you drop it he (Peyton Manning) might not throw it to you until two quarters later."

On Marvin Harrison:
"He's quiet and he doesn't like to talk to the media. That's two things that I've noticed (joking). He's a hard worker. In practice and games he's going a 100 mph. He's doing something right because he's been doing the same thing for many years. Whatever he's been doing I need to pick up on it and try to add it to my repertoire."

On if he jokes with Peyton Manning about his TV commercials:
"I'm sure he's had his share, so me messing with him would probably be the hundredth person in this building that has teased him about it. It's actually pretty funny to me. I'm glad to see someone that I know and played with to actually get a lot of TV time, so that's pretty cool."

On what his former teammate Ben Hartsock will bring to the Titans offense:
"I have no idea. Hopefully he can keep his mouth shut as much as possible, but at the same time he may have a grudge. Whatever he decides to do that's on him. It doesn't matter, we've played these guys a million times and they know what we're going to do anyway. We just have to got out there and face whatever."

On if the Titans surprised them the first time they played this season:
"No not at all, whenever we play the Titans it's always a close game, it's always tough. We've been at the top of the division for the last few years, so wherever we go the teams in our division play us tough because they want to knock us off. I think that was Vince Young first game, so it was the first time that our defense has seen him. They came in and run the ball and keep us off the field and they were able to stay pretty much vanilla on defense. They were up by 10 points so that meant that their defense didn't have to gamble at all."

On the Titans comeback victory will make them dangerous:

"I wouldn't say that, you might want to ask them that. The only thing I know is that they played a good game. They struggled in the first half and they came back in the second half and played Titans football. Whenever we play them we got to some kind of way keep them from playing Titans football. As long as we just go out there and do our thing we will be fine."

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