Saturday's Insiders' Injury Report

ColtPower Insiders get both team's injury reports and our exclusive Insiders' notes about the status of the players and what we're hearing.

Injury Reports are typically updated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the regular season. Check this page for injury reports and our home page and Hot News listing for late-breaking updates.

P= Probable: 75% chance of playing
Q= Questionable: 50% chance of playing
D= Doubtful: 25% chance of playing
* = Player missed at least part of the team's 11-on-11 practice session

Saturday's Injury Report and Insiders' Notes
(Bolded players and comments indicate a change since last report)

ColtPower has confirmed that there are no changes on Saturday from the Friday results below.


Player Pos Injury Wed Thur Frid
Dallas Clark TE Knee  O*  O*  O*
Antoine Bethea DB Shoulder Q Q  Q
Dede Dorsey RB Quadricep Q Q  Q
Ryan Diem OT Abdomen Q Q*  Q*
Charlie Johnson OT Chest - Q* Q
Robert Mathis DE Knee Q Q  Q
Keith O'Neil LB Ankle Q Q  Q
Bob Sanders S Knee Q* Q*  Q*
Brandon Stokley WR Knee Q Q  Q

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- Bethea has confirmed for CP that he will play.
-- Dorsey is practicing and should be good to go.
-- Diem is a game time decision.
-- Johnson was injured Wednesday, will play.
-- Things are looking up for O'Neil's return to ST work this weekend.
-- Sanders is a game-time decision.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Player Pos Injury Wed Thurs Frid
Ahmad Carroll CB Groin P P P
Jorge Cordova LB Hamstring P P P
Terry Cousin CB Groin P P P
Cortez Hankton WR Hamstring P P P
Chris Hanson P Hamstring P P P
Clint Ingram LB Shoulder P P P
Maurice Jones-Drew RB Hamstring P P P
Vincen Manuwai G Wrist P P P*
Montell Owens RB Shoulder P P P
Kenneth Pettway LB Knee P P P
Daryl Smith LB Shoulder P P P
Nick Sorensen S Hamstring P P P
Marcus Stroud DT Ankle P P* P
Brian Williams CB Hamstring P P P
Derrick Wimbush RB Ankle P P P
George Wrighster TE Shoulder P P P

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- Maurice Jones-Drew confirmed for CP that he will play Sunday.
-- Marcus Stroud returned to practice Friday and should play.
-- Other starters on the list include Ingram (OLB), Manuwai (LG), Smith (MLB), Williams (RCB) and Wrighster (TE).

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