Reggie Wayne: Conference Call Highlights

Reggie Wayne fielded questions on behalf of the Colts during the team's weekly NFL conference call. Find out what he had to say about the Colts offense's recent sputtering, defensive schemes of the opponent, teammate Marvin Harrison, and more!

On if he is surprised by some of the schemes opponents throw at them:
"I am never surprised. You have to do whatever you can to win games. So you go into games expecting the worse, expecting everything and be ready for surprises. Being in this offense for six years I have seen various coverages, sometimes coverages that I have no clue what they are but it works so I guess you have to do whatever you can to stop the offense."

The Jaguars have been burned in their five losses by all University of Miami guys, what is it about the Miami guys?
"I don't know. We have so many guys in the league that are producing and doing a lot of different things so it doesn't surprise me. We run a big herd of guys down south so hopefully I can continue to add on to it."

On what Marvin Harrison taught him the first couple of years in the league:
"He just taught me to lead by example. You don't have to be vocal, just practice and play hard. When Marvin (Harrison) is out there in practice he goes 100 miles per hour as if it is a game, so you watch that and want to add that to your repertoire because he is a Hall of Famer so whatever he is doing you want to do as well."

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On people around the league referring to him as having the best hands in the league:
 "It tells me I am doing something right in the off-season. It is something I take pride in and since I am not the fastest guy in the world my route running and my catching has to pick up for the speed I don't have. It makes you feel good but at the same time I work hard for it."

On playing close games with Jacksonville each year:
"It is a division game that you play twice a year and your offense is not going to change too much. So they have seen everything that we do pretty much. So for the most part they know what to expect in the games and they use what they know works. That is just the way it goes, all division games are pretty tough because you see guys twice a year."

On what has been different from the first nine weeks compared to the last three:
"I don't know. We are still out there playing football. I really can't put my finger on it. We just have to take care of the ball and take advantage of our opportunities. Whenever you have turnovers you won't win."

On if he has to make more of his opportunities since they are more limited than they were in the past:
"Definitely, with our defense struggling against the run, time is going to run off the clock and limit our possessions, so we have to make everything count. Last week we had something like eight or nine possessions against Tennessee. That is cutting out at least three possessions which can easily add 25 plays to your offense so we definitely have to take advantage of what we have and we can't have turnovers because that takes away from the possessions we already have. It has been something we have been dealing with all year and have been pretty solid with, but we have to get a lot better."

Do you guys feel you have been as efficient or has it been more turnovers and penalties?
"It is a little bit of everything. We just have to play our type of football, stick together and let the system take care of itself. We will be alright, but turnovers have hurt us in the past."

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