Jaguars Press Conference Highlights

As you get ready for the game today, check out what Jaguars quarterback David Garrard and defensive end Bobby McCray had to say at their press conferences this week...


On his confidence level this year compared to last season:
 "I still feel good. I felt good last year and I feel good this year. The only way to know that is to go out there and play the game."

On not feeling any different from this year to last year:
"I feel the same way I did last year. They have a good team and we just have to be prepared and ready to play."

On if playing against Peyton Manning is any different:
"No. I try to put quarterbacks aside whenever you are on the field together. Like you said, it's about scoring points and having enough points at the end of the game."

On what has to happen to avoid falling behind early:
"Play good defense, take advantage of certain things and capitalize on running downs and not get in long yardage situations. I believe that was a lot of those first three quarters (at Miami). We were kind of backed up, so if we run well on first and second down, it gives us something manageable on third down."

Jaguars QB David Garrard scrambles against the Eagles. (Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
On if the lockerroom is any different this week:
"The lockerroom is the same. Everybody knows what's at stake. It is trying to beat the Colts. That's what at stake."

On if he is settled into the starting role:
"I always feel good and the team that you are facing is working all week long to stop you from what you are doing. You don't know how you are going to play until you go out there and play the game. I felt good going into each week and I feel good going into this week."

On if he has the same feeling each week:
"You hope to. You never know how that's going to play out when you are out there. The only way you know stuff is going to happen is to plan. The guys are really working their butts off around here and making it easy for me, so I just need to keep doing my job preparing and being ready."

On winning the AFC Offensive Player of the Week Award:
"It feels good, but nothing more than that. You can be a million bucks one week and a one dollar bill the next. My thing is just to be consistent and get the ball to the playmakers on this team."

On running the ball this week:
"We always feel good. We've been doing a good job of that each week and this week we feel like it's another good chance for us to get the ball to Fred (Taylor) and Mo (Maurice Jones-Drew). They are our work horses so we need to keep feeding them."


On the adjustments he has made to his game this season:

"I've been out there more than I used to be. I've had more opportunities to get more familiar with the system. I just get more plays. More things come your way when you are out there more often."

On the Colts game:
"It's a must-win game. We are in a no-lose situation. We can't lose anymore games. So no matter who the opponent is this week, we can 't lose anymore games, so we are going to just try to go in and win it."

On affecting the game without getting a sack:
"He's (Peyton Manning) hard to get to but you try to get to him. You have to try to get to him and re-route his receivers and get in his face. It's a hard task at hand, but we're going to try to get it accomplished."

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