Colts Postgame Quotes

Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Anthony McFarland, Joseph Addai and Cato June. We've got postgame comments from all of them following Sunday's loss to Jacksonville.


On the game:
"Obviously probably as disappointing as we have been in a long time to have a big game, one we needed and to come up with a game like that was very disappointing. The thing I told the team is that we will see what we are made of from here. We played a team that was very good today, very focused. They got some really good people, they have two great backs. They did a great job. We didn't play as well as we can play and we can play a lot better than that and we are going to have to. Our test is that we have to get it back going and play better. I believe we will. Believe it or not, I told the team I've been in ones tougher than this and things looked worse than this. We were able to bounce back and I think we have the people in there who will do that. Obviously the questions are going to be about the run defense. Those guys ran through us. It started with play one and it went all the way through the game. They had a good plan and they have good backs. Obviously with 400 yards rushing, you are not going to be in many games giving that up. We've got to get to work on that. We have an extra day to prepare for Cincinnati. They are playing good football and we have to get it going in these last three games."

On if the run defense is fixable:
"It's fixable. We are going to have to get it fixed to get where we want to go."

On if they will review this game next week or put it behind them: 
"We'll look at it. We'll look at the tape and we'll make the corrections. We'll see the plays they ran that broke. It's one of those things where everything went haywire. We get a punt blocked, a couple of kickoff returns against us, everything in general. Again, I've been in this situation before and actually had a much worse game than this in the middle of a playoff run while I was in Tampa. We lost a game 45-0 and wasn't even this good. Then we came back and went to the championship game. I've got a lot of faith in our guys and I think we'll bounce back."

On why the starters were still in the game at the end of the game:
"We just wanted to see if we could get something going and start playing better. We weren't able to do that but that's what we were trying to do at that point."

On how better this Jaguars team looked this week compared to earlier in the season:
"They are really about the same. We had the same kind of problems in the first game. We were able to get them fixed and get the running game slowed down a little bit in the 2nd half of the first game. They are a good team. When they are playing their game they are really tough to handle."


Following the loss:
"All you can do is evaluate, take a hard look at the film. Offensively is what I can be involved in and have some control in. So, we need to be better there, stay on the field, make more plays and score more points. We've got a real tough challenge this week against Cincinnati – a team that is capable of scoring a lot of points and has a good defense.. They've been as hot as anybody. It all starts when we get back as we try to get better as a football team." 

Colts QB Peyton Manning at the line (Marc Serota/Getty Images)
On what has to happen now:
"Talking about it is one thing. We're more in a ‘show me' mode as opposed to talking about it. You won't get a lot of words from me today but more work and correcting mistakes and trying to improve as a football player. Talk doesn't carry any weight right now except from Coach Dungy who is the guy who will lead us. So, the players need to do their part, and you can't just say you're going to get better. You have to go out and do it. That starts on the practice field. Everybody needs to do their part to get better and I think everybody understands that. That starts with me as the quarterback. It certainly doesn't guarantee that you'll win next week, but that's all that I know to do." 

On team confidence right now:
"I certainly don't think that confidence is a factor as far as where we are right now. Obviously, we're disappointed that we've lost these two games and we've had a chance to win the division the last two weeks and have not taken advantage of that opportunity. Give Jacksonville a lot of credit. They played better than us and deserved to win the ball game." 

Personal feelings on the loss:
"It's disappointing. I don't think there's a been a game in the last four or five years that I've played in that we didn't expect to win. We certainly expected to win this game, but if you don't play well against a good team like Jacksonville, you probably won't. It is no fun to lose – ever. When you do, it rips you apart. At the same time, we have to learn from it and have to find a way to improve in order to find a way to win next week." 


Following the game:
"You have to give your hats off to those guys. They ran hard. All I know that is when the other team throws for only 60 yards, you should win in this league. When we tackle better and not miss assignments, we're pretty good. That's why I know the problems right now are fixable. I'm speaking about the defense, but we know what the problem is and now the whole country knows what the problem is. As a defense, we just have to make tackles. If we do that, we'll be fine!" 

On remainder of season:
"There's plenty of time left. You can say there's no need to panic, but there is a sense of urgency to fix what's wrong. And, what is wrong is the inability to get the ball carrier to the ground." 


Following the loss:
"We weren't ready to play. That simple. We didn't play our best game today. That was obvious. All we can do is try to get better. Take time to look at the film and improve. We can't hang our head down. From an offensive side, we need to go back to the drawing board, try to improve and make plays. That didn't happen today." 


On the loss:

"We have to get better and make improvements. There's a lot of things that aren't going well right now and everyone has to improve their personal game. We'll bring it together as one and start to play good football. We're missing tackles and they just ran over and through us." 

On combination of Jaguar running backs Taylor and Jones-Drew:
"They definitely have done that twice this year. They run hard and they can make you miss. At the same time, we just didn't tackle them." 

On the playoff stretch:
"We have to get back in a groove. We have to start off by getting a win. We've dropped two in a row and have to go out and play well enough to get a win. We need a convincing win where we know we can get our confidence and swagger back going into last three games of the season and into the playoffs.

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