Jaguars Postgame Quotes

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, RB Fred Taylor, QB David Garrard and CB Dee Web provided some interesting details and perspectives from Jacksonville's point of view following Sunday's 44-17 win over the Colts.

General comments…
"Very gratifying to have the team prepare the way they did all during the week, very business-like, very much taking care of their business in terms of how they prepared, how they worked in getting ready to play this football team and come in here with best record not only in our division but in the league coming in, and we went out there and really functioned at a high level. They did some things physically that I really like in a football team. We were able to run the ball and stop the run at a very high level. We played exceptionally well on special teams, an area that the last time out we didn't play as well and it ended up being something that hurt our team. Today special teams was very good. (Jorge) Cordova gets the block, Maurice Jones-Drew gets the touchdown return. (Derrick) Wimbush had a nice return. There were some very positive plays made and we covered a dangerous returner on their side. We covered him real well. So good effort, good overall team effort. One big win but it's one win and we will take our 24 hours and we will push out our decal and move on. I'm really happy for the guys. I think they earned it. We worked hard for it, we earned it and that's in the record books. We'll turn our attention to our last divisional opponent for the regular season next week and start gearing up and getting ready for that."

(your team ran for 375 yards. How do you explain that?
"Some good blocking, some good design, some good blocking and some good running. It was a very solid, probably better than that, performance, It's hard for words to describe it. It was a great day. It was a great day running the ball and I felt like we had some things that we'd be good at and we executed well and did it well."

With the Colts coming in with the worst run defense, how did that play into your game planning?
"I think you always come in prepared for the very best that they can give you and you always give the opponent respect and you don't take anything for granted. So we prepared hard and came in and played hard. Obviously that's been something they've been trying to fix but I was more concerned about us. I think that's why you noticed the business-like approach. Our players really bought in to ‘let's approach every day being all we can be for the team and that's how we're going to pursue the next three opportunities that we get."


On what happened on the first play
"On that first play the coaches told the offensive lineman all week that I had 48 yards to get to 1,000 and the O-lineman kept telling me that I was going to get it on your first play. It was just a regular zone play that was all blocked up no penetration, and the backside was real juicy, so I cut it back, made the safety miss and the boys are still getting on me for getting caught."

Five years ago, would you have gone all the way?
"I just broke down in my form, I was looking back at the guy, I thought Reggie (Williams) was going to get him, but Reggie was trying not to block him in the back, so I was kind of looking back opposed to switching the ball to stiff arm. It might be the first time in my career where I have gotten caught, or that I will admit to being caught."

What is it like to watch Maurice Jones-Drew?
"That is the funniest guy on the planet, he has great character, is a good person and he listens and trusts my opinion and all the advice I give him about things that I have seen in my career. He listens and it's working out."

Do you think he has the potential to have the longevity to be the back that you are?
"Of course, I tell people time and time again his advantage is his height and people make fun of him for it. He does a great job in blitz pick up which coming in I thought that would be the toughest part for him, but he has done great job at that. And then the running part is easy, he hides behind the offensive line that is 6-4, 6-5 or better, and then when he finally makes contact he is strong enough to break tackles, run over a couple guys. I think he will be able to last as long as any other back in this league, 10 years or more."

What was the difference today from the first time you played these guys?
"We did not give up any big plays on special teams. That punt return hurt us up in Indianapolis. We ran the ball pretty well up in Indianapolis but they did not get ahead of us too far like they did where we had to abandon the run so we were able to keep momentum in the run game, out physical them up front and it worked up."

Have you ever played a game where you had as much running room as you did today?
"I think this is the first, but once again the offensive line did a great job, this didn't just happen. We watched film and studied real hard throughout the week. Coaches saw some things and added a couple of running plays so we could gap them, which is stretching the ball outside a little bit; zone them in between the tackles and then run the power "O" right there at the end to wear them down. We just had a whole lot of different things in the running game called up, and we were able to run them and call them at will."

Are the Colts looking more human to you?
"They are a very good football team, every team runs into a road block from time to time. They just have to find a way to bounce back but for our sake I hope they lose the rest of them. But they have always looked human, they are just struggling right now."

How do you face the stretch run?
"We are just going to keep taking the one game approach and have fun. You have to have fun and not get uptight. Over the last two weeks we have been having fun and sticking to what we do well which is run the ball, stop the run and minimize turnovers. I think with that formula we can beat anybody in the league."


On the running backs
"From my perspective, just being able to hand the ball off to the running backs and have them run an explosive game like that, they worked their tails off."

On Maurice Jones-Drew maturation:
"It's amazing because we all know how special he is, but to come out and do things like this is and really show the world what he can do. That is big. In a game like this, you need big player to make big plays, and he did."

On the Colts trying to stop the run:
"They put extra men in the box and tried, but I think we were a little too physical for them today. We ran the ball extremely hard. Fred (Taylor) and Maurice (Jones-Drew) made some great cuts out there to make guys miss. That's pretty much what was happening. As they got to the hole or the line of scrimmage, there might have been a guy there that was unblocked but (Fred and Maurice) made some cuts or ran through his arm tackle. After that, there was no one else there."

On the opening drive:
"That was a great opening drive. It only took two handoffs. Whenever you can do something like that, it's going to make the other team come down into the box, to really try to stop the run. That's how we get the passes off to the receivers. It's really beautiful when you can have an offense where you can hand the ball off and they make plays like that. It makes it easy on the quarterback and on the passing game."

On the defense having a big game against Peyton Manning's offense: "Well the game plan was to beat up the receivers to be successful. We knew that if we did this we would take the timing off of the routes and that's what we did to come out with the victory."

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