Marvin Lewis Conference Call Highlights

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis made it clear on Thursday during his NFL conference call that Monday's night game against the Colts isn't about entertainment or's about getting a win. Take a look at what else he had to say to the media...

On the excitement of the game between Colts and Bengals:
"Our object is to get a win. I don't know about entertainment."

On WR Chad Johnson toning down his act this year:
"I don't know about that, I think the key thing is, what you want to have from your good players is to make sure they are doing everything they can to make us a better team and make other people better. I think as Chad has realized that, he's continued to grow that way and that's been a big part. He's had, I think, probably an even more successful season than what he had last year."

On Chad Johnson's focus being better:
"I don't know about focus. He's always focused and that's never been an issue. It's just a matter of making sure at the end of the day we're a better team."

On celebrations and signs:
"Well yes, the good thing is we kind of took most of that stuff out with the rules, so that goes beyond the way-side, which is important to do. So again, it comes right back to the team and the game. That's what is important."

On how much attention is paid to Colts injures and how it will change Cincinnati's offensive approach:
"You don't pay much attention to that. You have to pay attention to the looks they present and so forth. You know they're going to have eleven guys over there and we are going to have to block them and protect and run and pass and do the things that we do. Regardless of who's there, we really can't worry about, until they come and line-up, who's going to be over there."

(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

On the Bengals' current winning streak:
"We just kept doing things the way that we are coached to do them and at the end of the day, we end up with more points. That's it. We were doing things and maybe not quite getting the plays we needed to be made when we lost some football games and we won some games early, both. But we have been a little more consistent through this stretch and we realize our backs are up against the wall. We came out and we've made plays in the game which have made a difference at the outcome."

On the defense in the last month:
"We have just continued to do things the correct way. We have done a better job tackling, done a better job getting the ball back for our offense, and I think that's important. We really had basically two bad quarters of football and gave up some points against San Diego when we had a lead and a lot was made of that, but we have rebounded from it. Throughout most of the season, we've done very good at scoring and so forth and that's going to be important come Monday night."

On WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh living in Chad Johnson's shadow much like Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison:
"There is no question about it. Both players are excellent players. Reggie Wayne is as good of a receiver as there is in the league and he goes out and proves it each and every Sunday. He's deserving of the opportunity and the accolades that come to all these guys, because he's every bit as good."

On keeping guys happy with number of touches they get:
"Well, we only have one football. If Rudi's not carrying it enough, then I have to hear about that. If we're not throwing it, then 85's not getting it enough and I have to hear about that, and if TJ's not getting it enough, I have to hear about that. So, the main thing is to win the football games and then you don't have to worry about some of those selfish stats that get thrown out by certain members of the media all the time."

On if Carson Palmer is completely back from his knee injury:
"Carson has been back from his knee injury since the time we got started. He just had to get back and be comfortable. Obviously, he didn't have as many reps through the offseason as he would have had, and in training camp we allowed him to just work one time a day in training camp and didn't play in all the preseason games. As time has gone on, he has kind of felt more and more comfortable back in there and we have to continue to do a great job of keeping people away from him, and that's important."

On the Colts run defense and Bengals pass defense not as bad as it seems based on rankings:
"No question. I think when people play Indy they are going to come in there and try to control the football. So they are going to have more attempts at rushing the football against them. The main thing is, they've won (10) football games and at one point were undefeated. That's the key thing. It's just like last week, we played the Raiders and people talked about what a great pass defense they had. Well, it's because everybody would just run the ball and not worry about having to score a whole lot of points because they weren't going to score a lot on offense, where (Indianapolis) kind of gets the opposite. People want to keep the ball away from (their) offense and try to control the ballgame a little bit more running the football. And yet the defense continues to come up with turnovers and interceptions and so forth when they throw it. At the end of the day, some of those stats can not really tell the whole truth."

On the Colts passing the ball on the Bengals:
"That doesn't matter. We gave up a lot of yardage down there in New Orleans and since then, we have been kind of fighting our way back from the bottom up. That's the way it goes. You play teams like that through stretch and they can skew the numbers one way or another. We have had the lead, two or three score leads at the end of these games, which in the past we never had that enjoyment. So we have given up some passing yards in the fourth quarter on some touchdowns. You don't want them to score, but you know what, we're making them work the field and so forth and we don't make a play to get off the field, so at the end they get 70 or 80 yards extra offense and we still win by two scores, and I'm happy with that."

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