Colt Scout: Indy Checks Out a Tackle

Last week we reported that the Colts worked out an offensive tackle who has already worn the uniform of four different teams. Jerry Langton fills you in on his skills and how he could fit with Indy.

Sam Wilder
T, Colorado

6'4 (6047) / 298 pounds /5.31 forty-time (NFL Pro Day)

2006 stats: none

2005 stats: none

The player: Wilder was moved from defensive tackle to offensive tackle just before his junior season at Colorado and so far, he's still learning how to play on that side of the ball. A well-muscled fellow with a big butt, he certainly looks the part and he definitely showed some skill at the major college level. He's tough, aggressive and explosive off the snap. He shows good agility, foot placement and, best of all, hand use. Unfortunately, he still relies too much on upper-body strength and, as a result, overextends and occasionally trips. I got a good look at him when he beat out Colts draft pick Rob Hunt for the starting left guard job for the Rhein Fire, before shifting over to tackle. The position changes didn't exactly help speed his development, but he generally held his own or better on what was considered the league's top line. He appeared more comfortable as a pass blocker than a run-blocker and really has to widen his stance and bend his knees more if he wants to be an effective inline blocker.

How he fits: If Wilder is signed, it would be as emergency depth or to send him back to Europe as Colts property. From what I've seen, he appears to have more potential than you'd expect from an undrafted free agent who's been with four teams in a little more than a year. He's a smart kid with an economics degree and surprising writing ability, so he could be a quick learner of Howard Mudd's philosophies.

Reminds me of: Bo Lacy, who spent some time on the Colts practice squad and went to Europe for them, but Wilder is more powerful.

Photo: Getty Images

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