Dungy Press Conference Highlights

Colts head coach Tony Dungy reflected on Monday night's win and talked about the efforts of a number of his players when he met with the media...

(opening comments)
"Reflecting on last night's game as we looked at it, I thought we just played much better as a team all of the way around, did some things offensively, defensively and special teams-wise that we expect to do and need to do to win games. And that got us going. I thought we played sharper offensively. We got the lead. We finished our drives with scores this week. I thought particularly Peyton (Manning) was very patient. They did a lot of things to take away our deep passing game. We weren't running it as well as we would like to, so a lot of the onus fell on the short passing game. We did that. We had guys run after the catch and we kept drives going that way and moved the ball and scored. Defensively, I thought we played faster. We pulled the trigger. We still had some errors and some things that you would expect with some new guys playing, but we played hard and played with energy. Special teams wise, we had two bad plays that gave them a little field position, our first kickoff and then the punt that we muffed. But other than that, we had some guys that really had to step up because we had guys like Matt Giordano and Dexter Reid and Rob Morris that were now playing on defense. Rocky Boiman, Keith O'Neil and T.J. Rushing, guys like that, came in and played well. So it was a good team effort, a good win against a team that had really been playing hot."

(on having a complementary team where one side helps out the other)
"That's how you have to play to beat good teams. You have to have everyone working and doing their job and it can't be a one-dimensional game. It can't be the passing game with no running attack. It can't be defensive pressure with no run defense. It has to be everything, and I thought we had that yesterday. We scored early, which was good. We had some good red zone defense. We made them kick field goals, and then when we got the lead, our pass rush became a factor. So, it was everything. We didn't have the breakdowns on special teams we had in the last couple of games. You have a chance to win when you play like that."

(on things change week to week, but is there any reason to believe the Colts can't continue solid play)
"This will be a big week for us, going on the road. We have played well at home and won our home games. The last three times we were on the road, we didn't get the job done. So now, we have to be able to play that same type of game on the road. Jacksonville beat us 44-17, and Houston beat those guys twice. So, we'll have our work cut out for us, but we have to see if we can transfer this another week and play well in all three phases on the road."

(on if the Colts played like they did vs. Cincinnati the rest of the way, would he take his chances)
"I think we have a team that's capable of beating anybody. And when we play well, we can. Obviously when we don't play well and we do the things that cause you to lose games rather than win, then you have the games like Jacksonville."

(on if there was anything different about DE-Dwight Freeney's play)
"No, he just got more chances, got more opportunities. He had a good rush on the very first one. He got chipped on that one and the quarterback scrambled out of the pocket. But when you're up in the fourth quarter, you're getting chances to rush and it's completely different. He got a few more chances."

(on RB-Dominic Rhodes)
"He's doing well. He's very focused. He knows that he's going to start the ballgames. He knows he's going to get carries. He knows that he's going to be in there ‘X' number of plays per game and he's practiced well and done a great job. He's pass protected well, caught the ball well. I thought both of our backs were outstanding (vs. Cincinnati) in the check-down game, when they were playing zone. When we dropped the ball off to them, they were making people miss and making yards for us, making first downs. So, he's been good, been good all year."

(on how DBs-Matt Giordano and Dexter Reid played)
"I thought Matt and Dexter played very well for their first start. They played hard, they flew around, they were precise in where they needed to be and against a really, really good offense they kept their poise and played well and made some plays to help us win the game. So, I was very proud of both of those guys."

(on DB-Matt Giordano's play and on his hits)
"Matt gave us a little spark. He's been good in coverage, but I think it's the first time he really got a chance to get in a game and relax and play. He did a good job."

(on LB-Rob Morris' play at SLB)
"We restructured our defense a little bit to get he and Gary out there, and it helped us. Rob played with some energy and poise. He knows our defense, so he was able to play relaxed as well. Those guys flew around and really did a good job."

(on Pittsburgh playing well and their facing Baltimore this weekend)
"They're playing well, and it's always tough when you go in and play that division team the second time. We have the same situation (at Houston). Baltimore beat Pittsburgh in Baltimore pretty handily, but you go in that second time and the other team is building, it never is easy, it's never the same. So, we have the same scenario they have and we have to go in and be ready. Baltimore I'm sure feels the same way."

(on the ups and downs of the NFL and having fate back in your hands)
"It was never out of our hands and that's what people couldn't come to grips with, because we had lost a few and all of a sudden, it was gloom and doom. But we felt good because we knew if we continued to win, we're going to be in good shape and we're going to get after that bye. So, one week I guess does make a difference. When you win everybody is happy and when you lose, it's the end of the world. So, we have to adjust to that. But our guys kept their composure throughout that whole time. We weren't playing well and we're still not out of the woods. I don't think we can say that, ‘Okay, everything's fine now because we played well last night.' We have to string together some good performances."

(on if the game vs. Cincinnati was the best all around the Colts have played all season)
"It was our best in a while. I would have to think back over the whole year. Under the circumstances, with the guys that we had playing, the guys that we had out, I thought it was the hardest, sharpest we've played."

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