Win a Really BIG Ticket!

ColtPower and are teaming up for a Super Bowl Weekend contest that gives you an opportunity to win a really unique gift that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Do you have the ticket stub from your favorite Colts game? Maybe you have your stub from the Colts' AFC Championship Game or the first Colts game you ever attended?

Or maybe you have the one from the very first home game in Indy back in 1984 -- like the one shown to the right that one of our great ColtPower Insiders, "IndianapolisColt" from our fan forum scanned and sent to us by email.  Or maybe you have one from your favorite rock concert of all-time that you can still remember like it was yesterday.

Well don't let it sit in a drawer or in a box somewhere any longer. Thanks to the great folks at, the winner of this week's contest at ColtPower will win a free enlarged reproduction of your favorite ticket that you can frame and enjoy all year round. Here's an example of the great work they recently did with a Bruce Springsteen concert ticket.

Now imagine your favorite ticket enlarged up to roughly 8" high by 24" wide (three to four times the original) and displayed on your wall as "ticket artwork" that's sure to catch the attention of everyone who stops by.  This service is a minimum $39.99 value plus shipping that our friends at will provide for free to the ColtPower fan that wins this week's contest in our Insiders Forum. You provide the ticket or a scan of it to the staff at and they'll create a detailed keepsake that can even be enhanced as they show at their website on this page.

Be sure to check out their site and give their service a try when you want to add some truly unique memorabilia to the room where you settle in to watch the games on Sundays when you aren't at the dome. Click here to head to our Insiders Forum to find out how you can be this week's winner, yet another benefit of being a ColtPower Insider!

ColtPower sends out a "really big" thank you to the great folks at for helping us provide a very special gift for one of our great fans!

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