Thursday's Insiders' Injury Notes

The Colts lose a player for the year to the IR, but get some good news at other positions. Get the scoop on both teams through our progression chart and Insider notes!

Injury Reports are typically updated on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the regular season. Check this page for injury reports and our home page and Hot News listing for late-breaking updates.

P= Probable: 75% chance of playing
Q= Questionable: 50% chance of playing
D= Doubtful: 25% chance of playing
* = Player missed at least part of the team's 11-on-11 practice session

Thursday's Injury Report and Insiders' Notes
(Bolded players and comments indicate a change since last report)

Player Pos Injury Wed Thur Frid
Dallas Clark TE Knee  O* O*
Jerome Collins TE Ankle - IR*
Joseph Addai RB Ankle Q* Q*
Antoine Bethea DB Shoulder Q Q
Bryan Fletcher TE Quad Q* Q
Dwight Freeney DE Shoulder Q* Q
Gilbert Gardner LB Knee Q Q
Marlin Jackson S Shoulder Q* Q
Cato June LB Knee - Q
Ricky Proehl WR Hamstring - Q*
Darrell Reid DT Hand Q Q
Bob Sanders S Knee Q* Q*

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- S Marlin Jackson practiced and his shoulder held up fine on Thursday. Barring any setbacks, he's expected to join Antoine Bethea in the starting lineup on Sunday at safety.
--TE Jerome Collins has been placed on IR after injuring his Achilles tendon on Wednesday.
-- New to the report on Thursday are LB Cato June and WR Ricky Proehl. The veteran WR sat out part of Wednesday's practice as well, but is expected to play, as is June who practiced on Thursday. 
-- Dwight Freeney returned to practice on Thursday and is expected to play this weekend.

-- TE Bryan Fletcher was injured during last Friday's practice and was inactive for the Bengals game. He returned to practice on Thursday and is expected to be ready for Sunday.
-- S Bob Sanders missed practice and is officially listed as questionable, but he will be out for the Texans game and won't return until next week against Miami at the earliest.
-- RB Joseph Addai missed part of the team's practice, but did participate in some drills on Thursday. He is still wearing a walking boot according to one source when he's not participating in drills.
-- Tight end Dallas Clark is out as expected. The Colts hope that he'll be available for some light duty just to get back into the flow of game speed prior to the playoffs.
-- S Antoine Bethea returned to practice and is expected to play on Sunday if he doesn't aggravate his shoulder during practice this week.
-- Players who were on last week's report who are not this week include T Ryan Diem, CB Nick Harper, WR Aaron Moorehead, and RB Dominic Rhodes.

Player Pos Injury Wed Thurs Frid
Jerome Mathis WR Hamstring D* D*
Lionel Dalton DT Neck Q* Q*
Owen Daniels TE Shoulder Q* Q*
C.C. Brown FS Toe P* P
Anthony Weaver DE Knee P* P*
Mario Williams DE Foot P* P*

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- Mathis is their dangerous kickoff returns specialist, but he hasn't seen much action this season due to injuries. He missed last weekend's game against the Patriots and is doubtful this weekend. If he can't go, Dexter Wynn, a 3rd-year player out of Colorado will handle kickoffs along with RB Wali Lundy. He's averaging 20.4 yards per return this season in Mathis' absence.
-- -- Although DT Lional Dalton is a familiar name to most fans, he's a backup this year in Houston. 
-- TE Owen Daniels isn't as well known, but will be a serious hit if he can't play. He's started in all but two games this season, has 34 catches for a 10.4 yards per carry average. He's their version of Ben Utecht, catching 2-3 per game, but getting decent yards when he does. He had a 9-catch game against the Titans in late October.
-- C.C. Brown is their starting free safety. He returned to practice on Thursday and is expected to play.
-- Weaver and Williams are their starting DEs. While they expect them to play, knee and foot injuries aren't going to be a plus when they have to try to get some pressure on Manning.

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