Behind Enemy Lines With Adam Morris writer Adam Morris fielded some questions from ColtPower's Ed Thompson this week about the state of the Texans as they prepare for a visit from the AFC South Champion Colts this Sunday.

Ed Thompson: As the regular season winds down, what's the general consensus in Houston ... was Mario Williams still the right choice with the No. 1 overall pick?

Adam Morris: I'm not sure if I can really answer that only due to the fact we don't have that much from each rookie to go on. As it stands, early in the season Mario Williams really started to turn it on with sacks, blocked passes -- one of which sealed the deal on a win -- hurries and really pumping up the defense. Tennessee's Vince Young seems to have gotten much of the praise for his team when he really hasn't done a whole lot in each game. His stats are less than average, yet he's had some impressive plays in a few games this season. The Saints' Reggie Bush has really turned it up a notch in the past three weeks with receiving yards and touchdowns, but it looks like he might be a better receiver than a running back. Williams has been battling a foot injury for the past six to eight games so we can't effectively analyze what he's done just yet. Each rookie has had their own special impact on each team. And Bush and Young might have not had the same success if drafted by the Texans. Both players went to better teams -- and we all know it's a lot easier to play well on a good team.

ET:  What happened against New England last week? And does the team have what it takes to rebound when they have no playoff hopes?

AM: Last week was pretty embarrassing. David Carr had a very bad day, throwing four interceptions and getting sacked four times. He was hurried many more times and didn't have much time to throw. There also might have been a little emotion lingering from the dramatic loss to the Titans the week before. The defense played pretty well considering the Patriots had incredible field position all day. The Texans defense held their offense to a few field goals on a few of New England's trips into the redzone. The coaching staff just didn't seem to have the players ready -- and weren't ready themselves for that game.

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ET: David Carr has completed almost 70 percent of his passes this year. But Houston has failed to score 20 points or better eight times. That just doesn't seem to add up. And I've even heard some rumblings that the Texans may be shopping for a new QB for next year ... do you think that's accurate?

Carr has been very accurate this year compared to past years, but that's mainly due to the short passing game that has been in place. Where that short passing game comes from, we don't really know. Most of us are trying to figure out whether it's Carr or the coaching scheme. The general consensus in Houston is that Carr will not be here next year. Although that has not been confirmed or denied by the Houston Texans organization, most think that Carr hasn't shown enough playmaking ability this year to warrant coming back and being the quarterback of the future here.

ET: Is the offensive line still the weakest unit on this team as a whole?

AM: I would have to say no. I think it's a tie between the secondary and the offensive line. Both units have been burned for big plays. Both have helped lose games this year and both units really need to be addressed this coming offseason.

ET: What do you think will be the key to the Texans having a shot at pulling off the upset this Sunday?

AM: The key to the Texans pulling off an upset would be for David Carr to have a monster game, the offensive line to step up and play like they get paid to do, and for the defense to pressure Peyton Manning the entire game. If all three of those keys get turned at the right time, then Houston could pull off an upset this weekend.

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