Dungy's Post-Practice Quotes

Following Wednesday's practice, Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked about wide receiver Aaron Moorehead's contributions to the Colts' Monday night win, as well as Dwight Freeney, and this weekend's game in Houston.

(opening remarks)
"Thirty-six hours makes a big difference and this was a tough practice to cut our way through, but I think our guys realize what's at stake and they did practice extremely hard, even with a shorter week. That part was good. I thought we got a lot done. We know Houston a little bit. They've changed some from the first time we played them, but we had a good day and a good, sharp practice."

(on playing Houston the second time around and what makes it so tough)
"It's human nature more than anything else. If you win the first time, your natural tendency is to think that it's going to be a little easier than it is and if you lost, you're a little more determined the second time around. And there's nothing you can do about that. So if you won, you preach that you have to play better, it's going to be tougher. You have to get your players to buy into that knowing that the other team is going to be a little bit more determined."

(on games in Houston always being close)
"We went down there needing to win to clinch the division a couple of years ago and were down 14 points. It was 17-3 we were behind in the fourth quarter. That's the way it is. It's always tougher the second time, so we have to be ready for that."

(on the three-sack game vs. Cincinnati not being DE-Dwight Freeney's best game this season)
"I would say that's true. What happened in that game is we got some chances to rush. We were ahead in the fourth quarter, so instead of defending runs in the fourth quarter, you had a chance to pin your ears back. So he had a sack early, which was a big play, and then you get a couple coming down the stretch because they're desperate and they're trying to catch up. So it ends up looking like a good game, and it was, but I would say not necessarily better than some of his other ones."

(on WR-Aaron Moorehead's play vs. Cincinnati)
"Aaron did a good job, stepped up and made a couple of big, big catches for us. Every time he plays, he plays well. He did a good job out there. Tory James had him for the most part, and he won some big third downs for us."

(on if he has to emphasize the importance of a possible first-round bye or not)
"I think we know the importance of the bye. I think what we have to emphasize is what we need to do to make sure we get it and secure it. We don't want to rely on anybody else, hope this team loses. We can solidify that by winning our two games. So that's the message I tried to get across. They know how important it is. We have to win and we can get it."

(on if home field in the playoffs is overrated and if the bye is more important)
"What Pittsburgh did, to go on the road three times, is very, very difficult. Once you get to that championship game, the best team is going to win. I think the fact of only having to play two games rather than three is bigger than where you play them."

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