Behind Enemy Lines With Adam Morris writer Adam Morris answers five more questions about the Houston Texans for ColtPower before Sunday's kickoff.

ET:  Is Ron Dayne the running back of the future for Houston, or do they still need to address that position during the offseason?

AM: Ron Dayne has come on strong the past three weeks, but he has been inconsistent his entire career. Some of that may be due to the role he has played on other teams and his health each season, but at best I think he is a good backup or third-down back. I think they need to address the running back position in the draft or free agency next year to help take the load off of Carr to get the passing game going.

ET:  Is it fair to say that DeMeco Ryans has been more important to the Texans defense this year than No. 1 pick Mario Williams?

AM: Yes. Ryans has been a total surprise in the sense that he has an impact in every game. He works hard, plays hard and doesn't make many mistakes. If we had more players like him we might be in the running for the playoffs. Ryans will be part of this team for a very long time and gets the Texans one more step closer to that winning season.

ET:  Has WR Eric Moulds had the impact on the offense that you expected?

AM: As a player, no.  As a teammate, he has been more than I expected. Carr hasn't gotten him the ball very much due to the fact he hasn't had much time to get set to throw the ball. Although this tandem is much better than the Johnson/Bradford tandem of the past, it could be more productive if the offensive line were playing better. But having Moulds in the locker room has made a big impact on young receiver Andre Johnson. He's been a mentor and a friend, teaching him things he hasn't had the leisure of learning unlike other young wide receivers.

ET: Andre Johnson has always been a serious threat, but fill us in on the monster year he's been having and why he's having so much success this year.

AM: I think the biggest reason he is having a big year is that he's Carr's number one guy. He is the first guy he looks to and most of the time he has to throw to the first receiver he looks at. Carr hasn't had much time to check off to everyone out on the field, so that gets the ball to Johnson a little more. There's also the short passing game that seems to plague the Texans. Johnson leads the league in receptions and is closing in on 100 for the season.

ET:  What's the general consensus about the job that Gary Kubiak has done during his first year as head coach?

AM: Most think Kubiak has done about as good a job as he could have this year. He wasn't given much when handed the reigns of the team. There were a lot of mistakes made in previous drafts, free agency and coaching that he and General Manager Rick Smith are going to have to correct. Look for another high turnover offseason this coming year to revamp the team's talent and spirit.

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