Peyton Manning Post-Practice Quotes

Colts quarterback talked to the media about five Colts making the Pro Bowl, playing the Texans for the second time this year and more!

(on five offensive players making the Pro Bowl)
"It's a great honor for all of those guys, and real happy, obviously, for Reggie Wayne. I felt like this was a long time coming, felt like he should have made it the past couple of years. So real happy for him and anytime you have two of your offensive linemen on it (Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday), that makes you feel good about your protection. And Marvin is pretty much a mainstay over there. They just keep Marvin's locker plate over there in Hawaii."

(on having two receivers like Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne)
"I've never taken it for granted, just how good of players all of our receivers are, but just how special Marvin and Reggie are. It's their work ethic. It's their consistency. They don't have good games in Week 2 and then don't show up again until Week 5. It's every single day in practice, every single week. It makes the quarterback's job a lot easier when you have complete trust in those guys. They're always in the exact place. They always make the catch. It's just not something you take for granted. I just feel real fortunate to call those guys teammates."

(on it being tough playing Houston the second time)
"I think the second time around in any division game is tough. Obviously, we've lost our other two second matchups against the Jaguars and the Titans. We know it will be a tough challenge this week against Houston. We've always had close games down there and we expect it to be the same type of atmosphere, the same type of game this week. It's toward the end of the season and everybody's playing hard and hopefully we can make enough plays to win."

(on how much Houston's defense has improved since last game)
"It's a new system. We played them in Week 2, so it was just their second week of the new system. As you would expect, like any players under a new coaching system, you're going to get more comfortable each week. The defense is really playing well. The score last weekend against New England was extremely misleading. Their offense turned the ball over and put them in some tough field position situations. Their defense is really playing well. They have the leading tackler in the NFL (DeMeco Ryans) and have some talent all over the field, so we'll have our work cut out for us."

(on being 9-0 in Houston not meaning anything)
"Yes, especially down there. We've always had some tough games and have made some critical plays that could have gone either way there in the fourth quarter. I can think of a big 3rd-and10 we had to Marvin a couple of years ago. It's always that way, I think, in the division, especially the second time around. It's going to be a tough ballgame."

(on WR-Reggie Wayne making the Pro Bowl)
"I'm real excited for him, personally. He's worked real hard and I'm glad to see he's kind of gaining some of that recognition that I think he's deserved for some time…I don't know how many times two receivers from one team have gone, not many. The last I can think of is (Torry) Holt and (Isaac) Bruce in St. Louis. Both (Marvin and Reggie) are well deserved, but I'm really happy for Reggie personally. I know he's worked hard. It's something that he wanted and I'm glad he got it."

(on if a win automatically makes things okay or if there is work to be done)
"Sure, there's still work and the idea is to still get better. We realized why we won (vs. Cincinnati), because we did things that we're used to doing well. It's pretty simple. When you don't do those things well, when you don't execute and perform your assignments, it's hard to win in this league. We had just not executed the right way in our previous two losses, so we got back to good execution on Monday night. But just because you did it one week, you have to go out and do it again the next week. That's the challenge every week, so we're really striving for consistency. It definitely shows we're capable of doing it, but we need to go out and try to do it again this week."

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