Dungy: "One of the bigger disappointments"

Tony Dungy called Sunday's loss to the Texans one of the bigger disappointments since he started coaching in Indianapolis. Find out what else he had to say after a game where the Colts just couldn't find a way to stop the Texans offense.

(opening statement)
As invigorating as Monday night was, this is disappointing for us. We had the chance to come out here and keep the pressure on some other people in this game and we didn't do that. I thought Houston had a very good game plan they executed it well, they outplayed us. We couldn't get off the field on defense, they got good field position with their kicking game, and their offense executed very well. So it's really disappointing for us not to come through with a win down here, but that's the way everything's been this year. We've been a little bit up and down; just got to get back up next week and win the game and head into the playoffs with some momentum. But this is a disappointing loss that will take a couple of days to get over.

(on defense taking a step back after doing some good things)
This was just not a good enough defensive game for us. We didn't stop the run well enough, put them in a lot of third-and-shorts and third-and-mediums which they were able to convert and keep the ball, and keep the ball away from our offense.  They played a very smart game and executed it well.

(on the offense having about only six real possessions)
It's frustrating when you know you can move the ball and you're unable to get it for a long period of time. We have to be better on defense and not let that happen.

(on being a disappointing loss)
I'd say this is one of the bigger disappointments we've had since I've been here and you find out about people, you find out how you bounce back from disappointments. So we've got to come back and play well and win this coming Sunday, and then get ready for the playoffs. There's nothing we can do about this game right now.  I take the blame for it, for not having us ready to go and ready to play, and they outplayed us.

(on playoffs)
It's always something when you have to win three games as opposed to two. We don't know what's going to happen. We've got to win our game and see what happens. I know Baltimore is winning now, we've got to assume they're going to win next week. But we can't do anything but win our game against Miami.

(on Dominic Rhodes fumble)
I don't really know. I didn't see it. I know someone came in there quick, got a hand in there. That wasn't the way we wanted to start. We started very poorly on defense. They had drive for a score, we had a turnover, all of the sudden its 14-nothing, but we had plenty of chances after that. We got the score back tied several times and just didn't perform when we had to. They outplayed us.

(on playing on the road)
Well, we haven't played well on the road in the last four games on the road. Every game it seems like we got a little bit worse. We had the lead in the first two games and lost in the fourth quarter. This game we never had the lead; Jacksonville we had the lead early. We just didn't play as hard and well as you need to play to win a game on the road.

(on Joseph Addai)
Joseph did a good job. A lot of guys did a good job, but unfortunately we just didn't have the ball enough.

(on Texans usually not doing a good job of closing a game)
No not at all, they played well they had a good game plan and they were very fired up. They definitely wanted to beat us and it looked like the game meant more to
them. That's unfortunate because we have a lot to play for.

(on the Texans third downs)
Yeah, they did a good job. What they did was get the third downs, 3rd and 2s, 3rd and 3s, and they threw the ball quick and ran it. We didn't put them in very many 3rd and longs.

(on losing on a last-play field goal)
That happens when you don't play well enough. And it could have been a last play field goal or it could have been something else, but we didn't play well enough to win.

(After Peyton fell on his backside, not going for it on 4th and 2)
I thought we should take the field goal there, think we could get them stopped and win the game on the next drive.

(on the Texans making plays)
You look at every game, you look at the momentum, you look at things but you've got to go out there and make plays; you've got to play well enough to win.

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