"It is What it is, We Are What We Are"

Peyton Manning uttered that phrase following the Colts' loss against the Texans. Find out what he, LB Rob Morris, safety Marlin Jackson, DT Raheem Brock and DT Anthony McFarland had to say after the game.

Colts LB Rob Morris

(on losing the game on a last-second field goal)
We didn't lose that game on a last-second field goal. We have to play better. I've been on a team that's finished 6-10 and this is not the time to start getting ready for a run next year. It's not the time to panic, not the time to fold. Go home, look in the mirror, come out next week, play with some heart, win, get some momentum. There's only one option really right now.

Colts DB Marlin Jackson

(on the loss)
It was very disappointing. We had our fate in our own hands and we dropped it. That's not what you want to do when you want to be a great football team.

(on what the team needs to do now)
We have to stick together. The first thing we have to do is keep working hard, and it will all come together.

(on the new playoff implications)
It's basically out of our hands. We have to depend on Baltimore (Ravens) to lose a game. That's not the type of position you want to be in, and that's what it is right now. That's the hand that we're dealt, and we'll see what happens.

Raheem Brock (Getty Images/Chris Graythen)
Colts DT Raheem Brock

(on the problems the team is facing)
It's pretty much the same thing that's been going on all season. If were just a little more consistent, we'd be fine.

(on what the team needs to do better)
We want to get the ball to our offense. We have a great offense, and we have to get off the field on third downs. That's basically it.

(on todays loss)
It's a tough loss; it happens. Everything was right there in front of you, all you have to do is go and get it. It's simple stuff, but were just a little inconsistent right now. We need to straighten that out.

Colts QB Peyton Manning

(on his emotions and if he was shocked that Houston won)
Not shocking.  If Houston plays better than you, then you probably do not win the game. That is how it works in the NFL. It is disappointing.

(on teams eliminating possessions and needing to maximize points)
We had six legitimate possessions and we scored four of them. But, we have to score more than them. Ultimately, that is our job. We did good things offensively, but obviously, not good enough, if we lost the game.

(on sitting on the sidelines and not being able to get back out there)
It is what it is, we are what we are. It is not like basketball where guys can play both sides of the ball. You can only control when you are out there. When you are out there, your job is to score points. We needed to score more points today.

(on the frustrations of the defense keeping the offense off the field)
This is a critical time for us. This is the time when people on the outside will start pointing fingers. As a team we need to stay together and guys just need to do their jobs a little bit better all across the board and all three phases of the game. That is what we have to do.

(on the need to feel perfect)
We talked about that in the huddle. We use that time when you are taking a knee right before half. You use that time because you have all 11 guys, because at halftime everyone is kind of spread out. We used that time to say a few words. We talked about that right before half. We talked about being extremely efficient. At the same time you don't want your players to play tight. You don't want them to feel that they can t be afraid to make a mistake. I thought those guys made a lot of plays and were extremely efficient. We just have to find a way to score more points.

Colts DT Anthony McFarland

(on this game being a step back after last Monday's game)
We didn't play well enough; you have to tip your hats off. They made some plays, and really made some plays on third down. You just tip your hats off to them. It's just really disappointing to us to have an opportunity to control everything we want to control and then not do it. It's just disappointing for us.

(on what the team needs to do better)
We have to tackle better, be a little bit more physical. You have to make tackles, that's everybody and me included.

(on not making excuses)
I wouldn't say it was fatigue setting in because we were rotating guys up front. You can't really blame it on fatigue. It's not really an excuse, there's no need to make them. You just didn't make plays when it was time to make them. You have to give credit to them, they made some plays. In this league, on any given Sunday, the team that makes the plays -- I don't care what the records are in this league, I don't care what the stats are -- when you make the plays you win.

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