Colts Postgame Quotes

Colts head coach Tony Dungy, quarterback Peyton Manning and a few other Colts shared their perspectives on the Colts' 27-22 win over the Miami Dolphins following the game.


(on the game)

"I'm very, very happy about finishing up the season with a win, getting our 12th win and doing some good things. That's a very, very tough defense that we had to play against. They made it tough on us. Their offense, Ronnie Brown's a good back. We didn't know a whole lot about the quarterback, but I thought he played well. We're happy to get out of it with a win and now I think everybody's back to 0-0. Next week will be a lot of fun getting ready for whoever we play. I told our rookies in the locker room that everything's completely different now. The stakes get a little bit higher. The intensity gets higher and everybody's back to square one. It's good to finish out with a win, finish 8-0 at home. It's something we wanted to do. We had a couple of mistakes that made it a little tougher than maybe it should have been. But by the same token, we got a couple. We got some points at the end of the half with an interception and a field goal. So it pretty much balanced out. It was a good effort and I'm looking forward to next week."

(on Miami's game plan)
"They do a lot of things with personnel groups and motions and different kinds of running plays and formations on offense. They're a tough defense. They beat New England by 24 points, they beat Chicago by 18. So we knew it was not going to be an easy game. And I think it was a good test for us."

(on Dan Klecko-DT)
"We had some plays in for Dan in the goal line area. We started to run one again on the third down play at the end of the game but we said we better do the wise thing and make sure that clock is still running. Dan is a good athlete. He's done that before. Obviously, (he) did a lot for New England, so we felt good about it."

(on the playoffs)
"We still have some work to do, tighten up still a little bit more on defense, tighten up our kick coverage and there may be some different guys involved in that next week. You can't save on our kick off coverage. We're going to have to use some guys who haven't been there this year but maybe have been there in the past. Can't save any weaponry in the playoffs. We'll have some things we can work on. All in all, it was a good way to end the regular season. I told the team everything starts over in the playoffs. It doesn't matter what your record was, how you finished, whether you were resting, whatever you were doing. It doesn't matter. It's how you play these next 60-minute increments. You have to play one game and do a good job and win that one before you can worry about the next one. It's just the playoffs are different and we've got to be ready."

(on TE-Dallas Clark)
"We monitored it. We kept subbing for him. We didn't want him to play long stretches. He felt pretty good and I think played okay. I'll get the total number of plays later on, but really I think he did okay."


(on the Miami defense being a solid playoff preview)
"I did not think of it that way. I thought it was an excellent defense, an excellent test for us. I said that earlier in the week that after watching their defensive film, it's hard to believe that their record is what it is. You watch the defensive film not knowing anything about their offense. Outstanding defense, great playmakers, d-line, linebackers, secondary. A good team to beat."

(on going undefeated at home this season)
"Coach Dungy talks about that. You always feel like you ought to play some of your best football at home, but you have to play great football on the road as well. At the end of the day it really shouldn't matter where you are playing. You have to execute, you have to protect the ball, you have to execute on third down, but no question we have had some of our better games at home."

(on how he feels about the team heading into the playoffs)
"Obviously we are in the playoffs. All you can really ask for is an opportunity. Everybody is kind of curious to see who we end up playing and have a home game here. I am excited about having a good week of practice. That is what we need to start with."

(on DT-Dan Klecko's touchdown)
"He was (the primary read). He has kind of become our short yardage fullback. We have not really been in that many short-yardage or goal-line situations recently, but that has been kind of going on the past couple of weeks. He played that position some in New England so he is somewhat familiar with that role. We run that play in practice a lot, we just don't get to run it in games much. He is an athletic guy that can catch the ball. He did do a good job because the timing of it was disrupted a little bit by maybe (Jason) Taylor, I think. He stayed with it and the ball kind of hung in the air, so it was a pretty nice athletic play by him."


"It's something we had been lacking the last couple weeks in the fourth quarter. We've been letting teams off the hook, letting them go down and score. Today it felt good to go out there with a two-minute drill and they need a touchdown to win and preventing them from getting that score." -- LB Gary Brackett on finishing the game off

"Oh man, we loved it on the defensive side. We were all fired up and charged up for him. He got hit kind of hard, but it was fun to watch." -- CB Jason David on Dan Klecko's TD catch

"Confident now. You never want to go into the playoffs with two straight losses. We're going in now and playing good offense and the defense is playing better." -- WR Aaron Moorehead on how the Colts feel overall following the win

"We still haven't played that game – the game that we're looking for, the game that all three phases come together for 60 minutes. I think that is a good thing because it's still out there. What a better time to have than in the playoffs." -- DT Anthony McFarland

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