Tony Dungy Press Conference Highlights

Tony Dungy speaks about opposing defenses strategies, Trent Green, his relationship with Herm Edwards and more...

(on if teams making the Colts drive the field stems from the offensive success from 2004 and the long plays)
"I think we have been played differently since '04, that 49-touchdown pass year. We got a lot of blitzing and people said, ‘Hey, the way to play Peyton Manning is to get after him and come,' and that gave us a lot of, I don't want to say easy scores, but quick scores, because people came after you and they either got to you or they put themselves in a lot of one-on-one situations. And we aren't seeing as much one-on-one. We're seeing teams make us make throws and be patient and run the ball, and we've adapted to that and our offense has done a good job of taking what's available…People are definitely forcing us to play a little differently than they did two or three years ago."

(on the key when defenses are determined to make you have long drives)
"(The key is) To understand that we can function that way. We can still put points on the board. We can be successful, and I think our whole offense has grown into that mode that, if that's the way it's played, then it's just a matter of not having penalties, not having turnovers. If we have to take seven plays rather than three plays, as long as we do our job, we can still move the ball and score."

(on it taking a patient quarterback to drive the ball the length of the field consistently)
"It takes a patient team. And it takes an efficient team. If you feel like, ‘Hey, if we have to run 10 plays, somebody's going to screw up,' then you get impatient. When you have confidence in everybody, you don't feel like, as a back, ‘I always have to break the big run, I always have to hit the home run.' We can have 10-play drives."

(on if playing good teams is the reason it is tough to come back in the playoffs)
"I think it is. You're playing better teams. So, if you dig yourself a hole, it is tougher to come from behind. If you're playing well and you have the lead, you don't feel like you ever should lose. That's part of the process, that it's obviously much tougher to come back against good teams than it is the average team."

Chiefs QB Trent Green (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
(on QB-Trent Green and what he has seen from him since Green came back from injury)
"He's a good player. We had Trent in the Pro Bowl a couple of years back. He's a very smart guy, very accurate. He knows their offense well, runs it well, very competitive. The same type of hit he got in Week 1, he got one Sunday trying to make a first down, and that's the way he is. I think he plays with a lot of passion. He's their leader, so it didn't surprise me that he came back and played well after the injury."

(on if winning 12+ games four consecutive seasons should be diminished by not winning a Super Bowl, if they do not)
"Well, it probably will be, ‘So, what?,' if we don't win, but I tell the team every year, you have to do first things first and take care of business and be consistent. And we've developed into that. To win that many games over a four-or five-year span, you have good veteran leadership, you have a good organization and consistent players. We have to be happy with that and understand that was a nice accomplishment. Now, we have a three-week season, a four-week season. And now we have to do the job in this season."

(on if he could avoid coaching against friends, would he do it?)
"I think you would, in your heart of hearts. They're not fun games. Usually, you just really enjoy the preparation, and I do. Getting ready for these guys, they're very solid, they're well-coached, they don't get penalties. You know all of the things that make them good, and so you're preparing for that and trying to win the game. It will be fun, it really will. It's just different. It's really hard to explain, but it goes with the territory."

(on how often he will talk to Chiefs Coach Herman Edwards this week)
"We won't talk. We had our talk before we started the preparation. We talked on Monday and probably won't talk until right before the game."

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