Wayne: Colts Have Unfinished Business

Colts wide receiver handled questions from the media this week about Saturday's matchup, the Colts' season, and the challenge the offense faces with two veteran cornerbacks working against him and Marvin Harrison.

(on the improvement each year in the league due to offseason workouts)
"The offseason seems like it gets harder and harder each year,so you have to put a little extra into it each year. That's why I stay down South, because I feel like it's working for me. It's like an old regimen. If it's not broke why fix it?"

(on teams not allowing long passes)
"It has been like that all year. Usually, whenever we do throw the little five-yard passes throughout the game, somewhere towards the end of the game, defenses start getting greedy, and they start getting hungry, especially if we are ahead. Then, they have to gamble a little bit, start blitzing here and there. Then, we are able to take some shots deep. Until then, usually teams have two safeties deep like a cover-two shell, which forces us to run the ball or force us to do what New England does and throw three-and four-yard passes all day."

(on keys to 10-15 yard plays)
"What you want to do is take what defenses give you. If that's what they give you, then go for it. You don't want to, especially not in the playoffs, you don't want to be too greedy and try and throw deep when there are two guys back there waiting like it's a punt. You don't want to turn the ball over at all in the playoffs. Your room for error in the playoffs is real low. So, we just take what they give us and make the best of it."

(on this year's offense compared to 2004's quick strike offense)
"I think that's what you guys are used to seeing, three-play drives and a touchdown instead of 14-play drives and a touchdown. Like we used to say, ‘Those guys are on scholarship, too.' They watch film, they definitely don't want to give up the deep ball and get us in the rhythm of scoring quickly, because when we are in rhythm, we can be hard to stop. So, if that's what they want us to do, we'll just take the little dump-off."

(on going against familiar cornerbacks: advantage or disadvantage)
"Kind of, but not really because both of these guys played for different teams and their schemes were a little bit different. Ty Law was in a Cover 2 scheme a little bit, but his D-line is totally different. But away from all that, these have been Pro Bowlers throughout their careers and have made tons of plays. It's going to be a challenge for us. If we just do the things we've been doing, just take care of the ball and finish drives, we'll be alright."

(on the challenge of facing such good cornerbacks: is it fun)
"Yes. Pat Surtain and I are from the same hometown, so we see each other throughout the offseason. I definitely don't want to go and have him get three picks against me. Then, I have to see him in the offseason."

(on remembering the last playoff game at Kansas City)
"It was a fun game. Hopefully for our offense, we can get that same mentality, that same mind frame where we can continue to keep the chains moving and make plays, make big plays frequently and put points on the board. Usually, whenever we can put points on the board, it helps our defense out. That lets our D-linemen tee off and go for sacks."

(on season in perspective)
"It's been a good year, kind of bittersweet with the passing of my brother, then making the Pro Bowl for the first time. The Pro Bowl is sweet, but at the same time, it would be even sweeter if I could go to Miami and then leave from Miami and go straight to the Pro Bowl. That's what the all-out goal is, to go to the big dance, to go to the Super Bowl. Everything else is good, it's cool, but we worked hard together to get to the same spot and obviously everybody can't go to the Pro Bowl, so you want to get to the Super Bowl together as a team because you put in all the hard work together and that's what the overall goal is. In all, it has been good, but unfinished."

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