Colts-Chiefs: Coaches' Postgame Quotes

Colts head coach Tony Dungy and Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards met with the media after Saturday night's playoff game. Find out what they said in this postgame feature...


(general comments)
"I'm proud of our team, the way we played today. I'm excited. Playoff games are hard to win. This is a good win for us. I thought our defense came out and played with a lot of energy. Larry Johnson is as impressive on film as anybody you're going to see. And our guys just rose to the challenge. Obviously, Bob Sanders made a difference in there with his energy. I think we just played better. We played faster. We also had Montae Reagor (DT) back on the sideline. That was I think a little bit of spiritual leadership from him and the guys appreciated seeing him out there. But that was the way we had hoped to play all year and we picked a good time to play that way."

(on offense)
"Offensively we moved the ball. We controlled it. We talked all week about not turning it over. With these guys, that's how they thrive, on takeaways. They got a couple and then they stopped us at the one yard-line, so it was a little bit nerve racking. At halftime, we had controlled the ball so much, but only had the nine points. But I thought our guys did a good job of not getting frustrated. I thought our defense, when we did have the turnovers, they rose to the challenge. It was a good team win."

(on special teams)
"Our special teams also, I have to compliment them. Dante Hall (WR-Chiefs), as explosive as he is, we kept him in check. It was just really a good team win. It sets us up for a nice week to go to Baltimore and face another great team."

(on Ty Law-CB interceptions)
"Just a little bit of miscommunication on how we were going to run the route. Law seems to do that to us. He finds those balls that are a little bit off target and the thing about today is that our defense responded and rose to the challenge when it did happen."

(on defensive performance)
"We really didn't change anything. Obviously with Bob Sanders (DB) back, he was the guy we brought down in the box a little bit more, but I thought our whole group just played faster, played with a little more energy than we had. We didn't have any of those mistakes where we are going along pretty good and then we give up a 30-yard run. We hustled and tackled pretty well."


Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
(general comments)
"Obviously our football team is very disappointed with the way we played the first half offensively. I think what happened is we got into a rut that we couldn't make a first down. That's a credit to Indianapolis. They did a good job defensively, getting us off the field. I think our defense, for the most part, held up in the first half with a 9-0 score, but I think we were a little worn down defensively. We had too many plays to withstand. I thought our offense in the third quarter showed some life, got on the board, and then they turned it right back around and scored on us. And then it became a game you don't want to play in this dome, where you have to go back and throw. It becomes very difficult to protect, and when we had to go back and pass midway through the third quarter and into the fourth, they pinned their ears back. And they can rush very, very well. They do not let you have a lot of big plays. They're going to play Tampa-2. We knew that. The quarterback has to hold the ball some, and they get you. I give the Colts a lot of credit. Tony (Dungy) and his team did a good job. They've been in a lot of these situations, they've played in a lot of playoff games. Hopefully this team will learn a valuable lesson on what it's going to take to win a playoff game. And, obviously, that has to be a burning desire for us in the off-season as we look forward to next year."

(general on game)
"You have to give Indianapolis a lot of credit. They deserved to win. They beat us. They didn't allow us to score very many points early in the football game. That being said, I thought our guys came out in the third quarter and felt if we got some points on the board, we still had an opportunity to win. But, it didn't turn out that way."

(on staying with QB Trent Green in the second half)
"Trent only had 18 plays in the first half. Eighteen plays. And that's hard for anybody. We couldn't run, we couldn't pass, we couldn't do anything."

(on the lack of a running offense)
"They stopped us. It was very, very hard when we were backed up. Most of the time in the first half, we were in the minus territory. It was very, very loud. We were going on a silent snap count, and that made it very, very hard to get off on the ball. They beat us off the ball, and they just did a great job of stopping us running."

(on whether KC's defense played well enough for a win)
"They did, in spurts. They played okay. I thought in the first half they did a really good job denying them, and that's what we said…we wanted to keep them to field goals when they got inside the 30. And we were able to do that in the first half. That was part of it. We said they were going to move the ball, and when they moved the ball we've got to make sure when they got down to that red area, we needed to hold them to field goals. And we did that. We just couldn't mount enough first downs, obviously, in the first half. In the third quarter we had a good drive, but we just couldn't mount anything after that."

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