Chiefs' Postgame Quotes

Too predictable. No backup plan. Embarrassing. Those were some of the comments coming from the Chiefs players following their loss to the Colts Saturday night. Find out what Trent Green, Larry Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, Ty Law and other had to say after the game.


(on Colts at home)

"The Colts are undefeated at home and their defense is built for home and built for speed. They did a great job coming off the ball. The Colts are a much different team at home than they are on the road and they proved that here today."

(on the Chiefs running game)
"The running game is what we hung our hat on all year long. If we do not get the running game, then the play action doesn't really work very well. Once you fall behind and you are in passing and drop back situations, then you are playing right into their (Colts) hands."

(on Colts defense)
"I have to give credit to their (Colts) defense. They played well and got off the ball well. We had worked all week on the silent count. They just did a good job and their speed showed up today."


"First of all, it is embarrassing. There's no way this offense should not be able to pick up a first down in the whole half. That's ridiculous as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to give them a little credit, but at the same time I just think it was a little predictable on our part."


(on Colts defense)
"They came out ready to stop the run. You have to have a backup plan for that. They were playing. They knew what we were going to try to do. They had a backup plan for stopping the run. We didn't have anything to come back with."

(on the Colts defense)
"It was that playoff atmosphere. Those guys played harder than they did the last couple of weeks. You can't fault them for the guys that did run over the top of them. They were away, and it was a different scenario. In the playoffs you play different."


"They got to do what they do well and that's the pass rush. With the crowd noise and everything else, it made it difficult on us today. Today they gave us opportunities and we just didn't take advantage of it. They played well today. Their defense stood up and played really well today. I wasn't surprised by their defense. Their defense is a good defense. They play even better at home than they do away."


(on frustration of game)

"It was really frustrating. You get a chance to get into the playoffs, you come up here in someone else's stadium, nobody wants that to happen. You just want to show that you are a good player and a good team."

(on intercepting Peyton Manning)
"You want to step up in the big games and the playoff games. I don't look at it as just playing against Peyton Manning. I look at it as playing in the playoffs. You go out there and try to perform well."


"You have to give those guys credit. The theme going into this game was ‘their defense couldn't stop anybody' and they came out and played some spectacular ball."

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