Colts Postgame Quotes

Find out what Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Cato June, Gary Brackett, Dwight Freeney, Bob Sanders and other Colts players had to say following their playoff victory over the Chiefs!


(on RB-Joseph Addai's performance)

"Same thing I have been saying all year. He has picked up things extremely fast. I think playing in the SEC and playing at LSU prepared him for the NFL. He has really adjusted quickly. He has allowed us to run our offense. He and Dominic (Rhodes) both have allowed us to run the same plays and be as complex with our offense and our system as we have been in the nine years that I have been here. That is a real credit to both guys, especially a rookie running back."

(on his three interceptions)
"Obviously those were three poor throws. I told Ty Law I would be glad to introduce him at the Hall of Fame. I could do the introduction for him. One of the reporters asked me after the game if I was going to invite Ty Law to dinner. Well, I think he should invite me to dinner would be more appropriate. Kind of rare, two kind of miscommunications between Marvin (Harrison) and I which were my fault. In nine years, I can't think of how many times that has happened. But he and I just were not on the same page and that is my fault."

(on converting third downs and keeping the offense moving)
"That is crucial. I think we were number one this year on 3rd-down conversions. It makes sense. I think the reason for that is because of what we do on 1st and 2nd down. You convert your 3rd downs on 1st and 2nd down, if that makes sense. The key is being productive, and like you said, going from 1st-and-10 to 2nd-and-5 to another first down or to a 3rd-and-3. If you get in 3rd-and-11 plus in this league, especially the playoffs, you are going to have to punt. The defenses are too good. They are going to make you punt. So being productive on 1st and 2nd down is something we were striving to do today and we did a good job for the most part."

(on not being up by a wider margin at halftime)
"Obviously you get down into the red zone a couple times, you always want to come away with touchdowns and we got a 3rd-and-goal line pass down there just a little bit crowded. No point in taking a risk down there when its a little bit crowded. That is something that we do need to try and improve next week, is finishing dives down in the red zone, getting touchdowns. But its always nice to get points."

(on playing Baltimore next)
"I think its going to be a tremendous challenge. We certainly knew, pretty much assumed, that once we lost to Houston we were going to have to go to Baltimore. Playing Baltimore is tough enough. Add to the fact that you go there, which I think is one of the tougher places to play, you have got an extremely loud stadium and great fan support. It will be a tremendous challenge. They are coming off a bye week. They will be fresh."


(on facing Ravens running back Jamal Lewis)

"Jamal, when you get there, you just have to wrap-up and make sure you take him to the ground. He has quick legs. Once he gets in the hole and you let him square-up, he'll take it the distance. You have to make sure when you make contact with him you drive your legs, wrap-up and swarm to the ball and you have to make sure you get everybody around the ball. All eleven guys have to make sure they are playing and being physical. They are a physical team and they are going to come in, they are going to run the ball. We expect them to run. We just have to do our homework, study, practice well like we did last week and look forward to just keeping moving forward."

(on how he will be feeling tomorrow)
"I plan on being a little sore. I was sore last week. I was sore the weeks before that. It's just part of football. You have to get through it, you have to fight though it and if you can go, you go and if you can't, you can't."

(on describing defense today)
"Passion. If I could put a word on it, there was a lot of passion out there. Everybody was just so anxious and so ready to play and so fired up. The energy was just crazy. The fans were crazy. We were just so amped about it. I was excited we played the way we played. I mean, that's what we needed this first round, to show everybody that we aren't going to lay down. We didn't play as well as we needed to in the regular season, but it '07, it's a new season and we are looking forward to it."

(on growing stronger as the game went on)
"Yes. Once you get the momentum, you start going and going and going. Things just started clicking. Once things start clicking it's easier to make plays. You don't have a lot of pressure on you when you're out there making plays. We fed off of each other. When they were passing, our D-line was rushing. They had a lot of pressure on the quarterback and when they ran the ball, they sealed the holes up and safeties and line-backers were able to come up and make plays."


(on the difference between regular season and playoff games)

"It's a fast pace. They're coming at you. Every play they're hitting. The players had been telling me that since training camp so I was kind of ready for it."

(on why he came out of the game)
"Oh, I'm alright. I was cramping a little bit, but other than that I'm alright."

(on how he felt coming into the game)
"Before the game, I was pretty amped up. But when the game started, I settled and was able to relax."

(on how much "gas" is left in his tank)
"I feel real good. Coach (Tony) Dungy does real good in saving our bodies in practice. I try to take advantage of that and be able to take care of my body."


"We always talk about getting short-yard situations. Our line was getting a good push for us and our receivers were catching the ball. We were gelling today on offense."


"We played fast and we tackled well. We have a good defense. Regardless what (the media) says, regardless what the critics say, if you go out and take it one play at a time and do your job, play fast and tackle, that's the kind of performance you can get. It's a team game. Sometimes we have to pick the offense up, sometimes they have to pick us up. It's just a matter of getting in there and doing it and there's no more perfect time than the playoffs because it's win or go home."


"We knew they were going to try to run on us and we wanted to go out there and dominate up front. We did a good job of coming out and executing the game plan. The coaches had a good game plan and we did a good job getting to the quarterback. We went out there and made plays. We have great pass rushers up front. We know that a lot of people are going to run on us, but that's what we want to do is shut down the run and then get after the quarterback and I think we did a good job of that today."


(on Bob Sanders being back)
"Bob means a lot to this defense. Understand that he is a pro bowl player. A guy like Bob makes big plays for us."


"The great thing about the NFL is that every week you have a chance to define yourself. This week we had a good week. We started fast and practiced good. We didn't let up. We played for 60 minutes and got a victory. Any time you can get off the field on third down and get your offense the ball, you have a good chance at winning."


"We had enough guys on our team that knew it's either win or go home. We knew Larry Johnson was coming in and they'd run the ball 30 or 40 times. We plugged up the holes and they didn't have anywhere to run."

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