Brian Billick Press Conference Highlights

Read portions of Brian Billick's conversation with the media Friday as he talks about team injuries, the possibility of facing the Colts, Bill Cowher and more...

(on the status of T Jonathan Ogden)
"Good. He worked through it today. We didn't want to put him in the team drills, but Bill [Tessendorf] worked him out pretty well."

(on Corey Ivy's absence from practice)
"Corey had a family emergency."

(on how the team looked after a couple of days off)
"They looked fresh and excited. They looked good. They had a nice tempo about them. They knew we had to get back into a rhythm and they looked like the five days off were well-spent."

(on the status of RG Keydrick Vincent)
"Keydrick worked through pretty good today."

(on the possibility of playing against the Colts)
"Not like we needed anything more than a playoff game for the fans to get cranked up, but based on what I'm hearing - and I was out during the week one place - it's going to be exciting."

(on Steelers coach Bill Cowher stepping down)
"There were rumors about it, and I think there are very genuine reasons Bill [Cowher] laid out. It's been great competing against Bill, and I imagine we will again at some point. I certainly respect the reasons he's doing it and wish him the best."

(on gameplanning despite not knowing who the opponent will be)
"We are ready to go; we're ready to get started on whoever we're going to play once we figure that out. We've got a good week of preparation behind us with regards to the coaches. Obviously depending on how this afternoon goes, that could bring a little more direction for us for tomorrow which would be great. If not, we'll adjust."

(on the weather)
"Oh it's beautiful isn't it? It's great."

(on how he would classify the offense)
"Offensive, I hope. I don't know how to characterize it. It's evolved to the point where I think our guys have a good grasp on what it is our guys can do, and they've responded to it very well and taken responsibility for it. That's all you can really ask."

(on the offense establishing an identity)
"You hear that term thrown around a lot. I don't know what that really is. Every offense wants the same identity: productive, physical, explosive -- all those things. We were productive to a certain degree. The good thing is we have a chance of getting better."

(on not receiving any votes for Coach of the Year)
"I didn't vote for me, I don't know why anybody else would. There are a lot of good stories out there -- the job that Sean Payton did, and obviously Eric Mangini. Even a job like Marty Schottenheimer's. Sometimes when you're playing that well and you're on top and you're No. 1, the job that that gets done is sometimes overlooked, and I think Marty deserves some recognition that way. There are a lot of guys that are far more deserving that I was."

(on "painting the town purple")
"It looks pretty good to me. It reminds me of times past. They are excited. I've been out and about a little bit this past week and you can tell the anxiousness and excitement is in the air. Everybody is loving it, and it's going to be a great atmosphere this week. It's going to be a great time on Saturday or Sunday."

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