Brian Billick Press Conference

Brian Billick talks to the media about the Colts coming back to Baltimore, Jonathan Ogden's injury, the Colts' offense versus the Ravens' defense and more...

(on if the Colts going back to Baltimore is a story)
"I know it's not for the people in Indianapolis, and I know it's not for the players necessarily, our players because they live in it. Obviously we've got some guys on this team that weren't even born when that all happened. I know when I came here, it took me a while for me to truly appreciate the depth of emotion that taps into around here and it's very real, it's very tangible. So our players are in the sense that they can't go to the grocery store, they can't turn on the radio, they can't go pick up their cleaning, that they don't get some type of inkling of it."

(on interesting match-up of elite offense vs. elite defense)
"Sure it is. Obviously (QB) Peyton Manning and all that he represents and the tremendous assets they have on the offensive side of the ball, our defense knows that this is as big of a challenge. Anytime you play a Peyton Manning quarterbacked offense, it's going to challenge you and our guys have a lot of confidence and a lot of pride, but they know the task. They know how difficult it's going to be."

(on being better to have an elite offense or defense)
"I don't think it's that simple. The old adage, ‘Defense wins championships and offense sells tickets,' that sounds great, but I don't know that it's true. You play to your strengths. Our strengths, our assets, we have a lot of them on the defensive side and the offensive side. They are constructed to score a lot of points and win that way. Both are sound philosophies, both are built with a specific structure in mind and we'll see what happens."

(on being brought over to the defensive side of the game)
"That's easy to do when you have the caliber of athletes that we do on the defensive side. Obviously having a (QB) Steve McNair changes that equation for us just a little bit."

(on the difference of having RB-Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai opposed to RB-Edgerrin James)
"Well those are both good, solid backs, a little different in style. Edgerrin was so great at the stretch (play). He had a lot of patience, his ability to spin out of a tackle, a tremendous back. These two are maybe a little more physical. I don't know, you only see so much of them on film."

(on DE-Dwight Freeney matching up with Jonathan Ogden)
"You are talking about two premier players. Jonathan (Ogden) is coming back from injury, so hopefully he can shake that rust off very quickly. Both (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis, you get too focused on one, the other is going to hurt you. So you better be aware of both."

(on the Colts never coming back in a playoff game)
"That's a limited body of work to draw on. You have to play this game for 60 minutes. I've been involved on some teams that had some pretty dynamic offenses and one of the positives is you never feel like you are out of it. That's one of the things you have to deal with when you play the Colts. No matter how well the game goes for you, they never have the sense that they are out of it. They always think they can come back. Obviously they are built for just the scenario you are talking about, get a lead and sit in the (Tony) Dungy two and bring those guys off the edge. And you certainly don't want to get in that position with these guys, particularly in a playoff game."

(on QB-Steve McNair's added dimension to the offense)
"No question about it. We've come from behind in a number of instances. What Steve McNair has done for this organization is amazing. With all due respect to Peyton Manning because he is an elite, fantastic quarterback, but you know I kind of like my guy, too. He's been around a while. He just broke a record or is grouped in with a couple of guys, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young, in terms of 30,000 plus yards. That's kind of some rare air. Those two guys are in the Hall of Fame. My guy is pretty good, too. I have a lot of faith in what he can do."

(on TE-Dallas Clark's versatility)
"He has been huge for them. Obviously when (WR) Brandon Stokley went down, and obviously we are very familiar with him, and all that they were able to do with him. To have a Dallas Clark step in and fill that void was huge for them and it's impressive what he's able to do both in that slot position and back at the tight end position."

(on comparing defense to the 2000 unit)
"We clearly embrace the linage and the heritage we have in terms of playing defense around here. This really is a totally different group. It's built differently in terms of scheme. It's built differently in terms of the style of athletes. So, clearly we hold on to that heritage, but this is a totally different group."

(on facing the no-huddle)
"We are fortunate in that we have some pretty good versatility, too, with guys like (LB) Adalius Thomas. It's been well documented that Adalius has played every position defensively that we have. Adalius gives us the opportunity too. We'll leave Adalius in in three-wides and match up. Our personnel give us some flexibility as well. Otherwise a change like that, clearly I know exactly what you are talking about with a Dallas Clark in there; ‘Well do I stay (with the regulars), is he a legitimate tight-end, or do I need to go nickel because he is more like a three-wide?' But our defense has a certain amount of versatility that maybe some others don't."

(on what has been seen from last season with the Colts to this season)
"Obviously you are talking about the opening part of the season. Everybody's fresh and ready to go. Just the adjustments that they have had to make with Dallas Clark compared to the three wide-receivers on offense so, just from a personnel standpoint. We are about as different as you can possibly be."

(on running the 3-4)
"It's a handy title to throw on us that we are a 3-4, but if you know (Defensive Coordinator) Rex Ryan and you actually look and see what we play, I would kind of defy anybody to say that we are this. Are we a four-man front, are we a three-man front, are we the Bears defense? We do a lot of things and obviously our versatility at linebacker allows us to do that. I don't know that you would look at us traditionally as a 3-4 as the way you might look at a Pittsburgh or San Diego."

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