Five Questions: Colts Kicker Adam Vinatieri

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri answered five questions for the media this week about the playoffs, Ravens kicker Matt Stover, Baltimore's defense and more!

(on if the post-season is an exciting time for him with his past success)
"Post-season is always exciting. That's why you play all season long, that's why you start in the offseason and everybody lifts and runs and gets ready to go, is for the opportunity to play later on in January and February. It's down to eight teams now, and the eight teams that are still in are pretty excited and the other teams are trying to find ways in the offseason to become one of the teams that get to play in the post-season. So yes, it's an exciting time. If you can't get fired up and excited about that, you have a problem."

(on a game with two kickers like he and Matt Stover)
"Matt's fantastic. He's had another stellar year this year. If you look at his entire career, he's done a great job. He's won a lot of games for them this year with some of his kicks. I totally expect him to do a great job this week again and hopefully we can keep him off the field. The best way to stop him is to just not get him on the field."

(on if he is able to use his past success here and now)
"I think anybody can use past experiences to help them, but that doesn't guarantee or make any difference. Ultimately, you have to go out on the field and execute every time you're out there. The fact that I've kicked a field goal in a previous game or a previous year doesn't guarantee anything. But can you build maybe some confidence from it? Sure, but you still have to go out there and execute and perform well. Guys that have had success in the past, it doesn't mean they're going to have success this next week, next year, whatever. It always just depends on how you prepare and how you execute it come game-time."

(on with the Baltimore defense being tough to drive the field and score touchdowns on, does he approach the game differently thinking he may be counted on more so than other games)
"Every week, you always have anticipations of how you think games are going to play out. Very seldom do they play out the way you think they are, last week, in particular. This week, you never know. Baltimore has a great defense. It's going to be hard for our offense to go in and score points and score touchdowns, so yes, you always have to be prepared to go out and do the best you can. If that means a bunch of field goals or a couple of field goals, whatever it is, you try to prepare and get as ready as you can for it. And then you just have to be ready and see how it goes. No matter what we think is going to happen, it's usually not exactly how it is. You just never know when one or two plays are going to make the difference in the outcome of the game."

(on if the kicking game is magnified in the post-season or if everything is magnified)
"I think everything is magnified. Obviously, I think once the playoffs come around, you have a lot of good teams playing each other, so games seem like they are closer, tighter games for the most part because you have good teams playing each other. The margin of error becomes smaller come playoff time. I think that's true for everybody, no matter what position you're playing. A big play on offense, defense or special teams may be the difference in the outcome of the game, so you always have to be prepared in whatever position or whatever role you have."

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