Colts Q&A With Freddy Keiaho

Colts linebacker Freddy Keiaho talks about working as part of the goal-line unit at strongside linebacker, special teams and Saturday's matchup with the Ravens in this exclusive interview with ColtPower's Ed Thompson.

(on the team's reaction after last week's win over the Chiefs)
"Everybody was really happy. And everybody's really fired up for this week. Hopefully we keep the momentum going and it carries over into this week's game."

(on the big play he made stopping Larry Johnson after the Chiefs were threatening to score with the Colts up just 6-0 that resulted in a missed field goal attempt)
"I actually just got a few reps with the goal-line unit the day before that game. Gilbert (Gardner) was inactive, and that's normally his spot. Basically I just read my key and saw my gap, and when I got there, Larry Johnson was there. He's a good back. I don't think he expected me to hit him from that angle. So I caught him off guard, and it always makes it a little easier when they don't see you coming."

(on playing the strongside spot in the goal-line situations and will he be doing it against the Ravens)
"Rob Morris is the backup MIKE (MLB) in goal-line situations and Cato [June] is Gilbert's backup at the SAM. But they moved Cato to one of the safety positions for goal-line over the past couple of weeks, so they inserted me into the SAM spot down there. I would think you'll see me in the goal-line situations this week, I've been practicing there all week."

(on the Ravens' returns teams appearing to struggle a bit, especially with punt returns)
"I don't think so, I mean, it's the playoffs. Kansas City could have said the same thing about our coverage teams heading into last week. If you'd compare our regular season stats with what we did last Saturday, it doesn't match up. You would have thought that Dante Hall would have had at least a couple of kick returns past the fifty. It's a whole different ball game in the playoffs."

(on if we'll see the same personnel changes on the coverage teams this week)
"Yeah, we're going to keep what worked for us in the last game."

(on the the preparations for handling the hostile environment in Baltimore)
"Practice is always consistent under Coach Dungy. Win or lose, playoffs or preseason, practice and preparation is always the same. And I think that's key to being a good team -- consistency. So we really don't do anything differently from a preparation point of view."

(on what the key to the game is)
"Scoring more points than them (laughs). But seriously, if we can go out there and play good football, it's going to be tough to beat us.

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