Dungy Postgame Quotes

Colts head coach Tony Dungy was proud of his team's win at Baltimore, especially after challenging his defense all week to help keep the game close. Find out a few of the things he told the media Saturday night in this feature.

(on the win)
"Obviously, I am very proud of our team. We talked about it all week, that it would be a game like it was. We came in here last year and it was the same way, a dog fight against an exceptional defense. Our defense, we challenged them all week. They were going to have to keep it close, keep us in position until we could get them figured out. We never really did get them all the way figured out, but I thought our defense and special teams played outstanding. Booger [Anthony] McFarland and I were talking at the end of the game, and it was kind of a throwback game for us, we used to win a lot of games this way, so we kind of went back old school on them. But it was a game we had to play. We had to play it this way, I've said that our team can go on the road and win, we can win a lot of different ways. That's one of the things I think we've learned in the last five years; how to play a tight game, how to play defensive games, how to play on the road. I'm obviously very proud of them, this is a group that plays hard and plays together, and we're starting to get our stride at the right time.

(on sustaining the faith in his defense when the media may have thought he was just holding them up through some tough times)
"Things weren't always as bad as they looked. We understood what was going on with the defense, the run defense especially. We knew we were going to get some guys back towards the end of the year. And we knew what the problems were. We don't have them all corrected, as I said. So, we're on a coincidence right now and we want to develop a pattern. We know we can play. We've got some guys who have heart and they work hard, and I'm proud of them."

(on if this type of game is what the Colts got K-Adam Vinatieri for)
"It is. Adam has been sensational all year. It's a great feeling, on the long one, the 52-yarder, I asked him, ?Are we close enough?' And it's just very matter of fact based. [He said] ?We've got it, we're in good shape.' And you just feel like he's going to make everything when he goes out there. In games like this it's necessary. And I thought offensively we understood how it was going to be. You're looking for plays, and you're trying to get big plays, and we got just enough of them. We missed a couple that were close on, but that's the way they force you to play, and our defense answered the challenge."

(on whether or not he "flipped a switch" on defense, and if so, what switch)
"Not really. We just did some of the little things that we talked about all year that we were just a little bit off on. Being in the right place, being sure, so you can play 100 miles an hour. Not being hesitant, tackling on the right angle, if you miss a guy send him back to the help, making that third-down stop. The difference between winning and losing in this league is about that much. And it was just a matter of everybody picking up their game six inches."

(on QB-Peyton Manning never getting comfortable or in sync)
"It was tough to get in sync against these guys. That's what they do, they don't let you get comfortable. You know it's going to be hunt and peck on the typewriter. You're going to get a play here, a play there. When you get that opportunity, when you get that ball to Aaron Moorehead you've got to make it count. We were just a little bit off, we didn't get the touchdowns today. But fortunately that's the way we talked about it. And our defense knew it was going to be that type of game. We came up with a couple takeaways in the red zone, and that helped us."

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