Thursday's Insiders' Injury Notes

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P= Probable: 75% chance of playing
Q= Questionable: 50% chance of playing
D= Doubtful: 25% chance of playing
* = Player missed at least part of the team's 11-on-11 practice session

Thursday's Injury Report and Insiders' Notes
(Bolded players and comments indicate a change since last report)

Player Pos Injury Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Ryan Diem G Shoulder Q Q
Nick Harper CB Ankle Q Q
Cato June LB Concussion Q Q
Ryan Lilja OG Knee Q Q
Ricky Proehl WR Hamstring Q Q
Bob Sanders S Knee Q Q

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- Although Cato June is listed as having a concussion after that big collision with Antoine Bethea last Saturday in Baltimore, he's fine. I spoke to him in the locker room after the game and he was bright, articulate and handled questions from the media with polish and ease. 
-- Both Lilja and Sanders are fine. They've continued to show up on the report with knee injuries simply because they are keeping a close eye on them. But both are expected to play.
-- Diem and Harper's injuries are holdovers from last week, but that didn't stop them from playing in Baltimore and it won't stop them this week.
-- Proehl has practiced for consecutive days after missing the last few weeks. He'll provide the Colts with a different option out of the slot if he's able to get on the field this weekend.


Player Pos Injury Tues Wed Thur Fri
Rodney Harrison S Knee D* D*
Troy Brown WR Flu Q* Q*
Ryan O'Callaghan T Flu Q* Q*
Mike Wright DE Flu Q* Q*
Tom Brady QB Shoulder P P

ColtPower Insiders' Injury Notes:
-- While rumors are floating around that Rodney Harrison could play this weekend, it's been tough to know what to believe. The Patriots are certainly doing their part to help fuel the speculation. On Wednesday Harrison reportedly wasn't limping at all when spotted in the locker room, and he was out with the team on Thursday while stretching. As reporters left, he was spotted putting his helmet on and picking up a football. But is that what New England wanted the reporters to see? Hard to tell at this point. He's expected to be a game day decision.
-- Troy Brown will be the biggest hit if he's unable to bounce back from the flu. He's a dangerous weapon on quick slants and with what he can do after the catch. O'Callaghan and Wright are backups.
-- Brady simply doesn't belong on the report. He's been on there every week and it's one of the worst and most tired running gags in the NFL.


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