McFarland: "You Have to Have a Short Memory"

Colts defensive tackle Anthony McFarland talked to the media on Thursday about the Indy defense, quarterback Peyton Manning, what it will take for the Colts to win the AFC Championship on Sunday and more!

(on how they maintained confidence during tough defensive times)
"It's pretty simple for us. We just have to go back. We always come in the day after the game and watch the film. You get confidence when you can visually see something as far as what you are doing or whether you're making mistakes. And for us, just taking a look at the film and going over it and knowing, ‘Okay, here's the mistakes we make and here's what we need to do a little bit better.' It's just give you satisfaction that you can fix the problem, and it gives you confidence when you can go out and do it. It took us a while to get some of our problems, some of our issues fixed. The last couple of weeks we have done a pretty good job fixing those, going back to the Miami game."

(on a different mentality in the post-season)
"I think it's a little bit of all of that. Obviously you know in the postseason it's kind of win and go home. Everybody steps the level of play up. It's a different level from the preseason to the regular season and it's even more from the regular season to the post-season because it's a different format. And when you throw those factors in there and plus after you've seen some of the plays we've seen over and over and over, you kind of get used to them. You're still watching film, still learning, still getting better. For this defense, we still haven't, and it might sound funny, but we still haven't played the type of game we know we can play. And I think as a team, as a whole we're looking at ourselves to know that we haven't put together 60 minutes of football on our end in all three phases. We have had one, we've had sometimes two, but we haven't put all three phases, and that's exciting because when you put all three phases together it's going to be something to see. "

(on fitting in with the Colts)
"I was very, very blessed to become an Indianapolis Colt and just take advantage of the opportunity. A lot of times things happen in life, sometimes we have no control of them you just adjust to change. It's your ability to adjust to change that truly defines who you are in life and that goes over to the football field also. When you just get around good people and everybody's on the same page, it just gives you the opportunity to be successful. The minute I walked in here I knew we had the opportunity to be successful whether it's the regular season, post-season, whatever, because everybody's on the same page. When you get everybody in one accord, it can be fun. It's just a fun place here to come to work, a fun place to work and I'm just enjoying it."

(on the chance that two African-American coaches could be going to the Super Bowl)
"That is a bit premature. One of them said it best; ‘One of these days, that's not going to be a question.' If you look at us as black players or players in the NFL alone, we can be talked about as players and they can be talked about as coaches. And I think when we get to that point, if we ever do, it's been a long time since we've tried to get there, but we are making progress slowly. Hopefully that won't be a big topic if that scenario plays out, but I'm sure it will. It just shows for them to have come this far, how much confidence the organizations have had in these coaches and not only them, but some of the others around the league."

(on how you counter Tom Brady whether he is playing poorly or well)
"Just look at our defense. We struggled for part of the year and then we came back and played good. In order to play in this league you have to have a short memory. I don't care what position you play because the team on the other side is going to make plays. I don't care who you play or what Sunday you're playing, (QB) Tom Brady is a warrior. Any time you have won as many championships as he's won, you've been MVP, he's a gunslinger. He knows there are going to be certain situations where he gives his team the best opportunity to win and they are going to put the ball in his hands. They put it in his hand 51 times last week because of who he is. That just shows the confidence that not only he has in himself, but that the team has in him."

(on capitalizing on mistakes)
"I don't care who you play, where you play, when you play. There are always going to be five or six plays that decide the game. You can watch every game this past season and look at it. There are five, six, seven plays that decide the game. Whoever makes those plays and some of the plays may be a dropped pick, it may be a double team blocked and nobody notices, but there are going to be five or six plays in the game Sunday that whatever team makes the majority of those plays, is going to win the game. And it's been that way every game this year and it truly will continue to be that way. That's the type of league this is. They have stressed parity for so long. If you look at the playoffs, since the playoffs started, it was a 12-team showing. Any 12 of the teams basically have had opportunities to win their game. There really haven't been any blowouts if I'm not mistaken, as far as the playoffs are concerned. It's because the teams are so evenly matched. When you get teams that are evenly matched, whoever makes the most plays on Sunday is going to win."

(on Peyton Manning having to get past Tom Brady)
"I don't look at necessarily as Peyton getting past Brady. I faced the same issue as a team down in Tampa. Philadelphia was our nemesis. We never could get past Philly in Tampa. Lo and behold they knocked us out one year. I think the next year maybe they beat us in the regular season. We had to go up to Philly, in 32-degree weather and we had to beat them in order to get where we wanted to go. When you are playing for an opportunity to go to the "Show," it really doesn't matter what's happened in the past, what people may say because it's about going out there and realizing that you have an opportunity put before you to get where you want to go. How better to do it than a team who you have history with, than a team you have a rivalry with. I liken this situation to the same one we faced down in Tampa with the Philadelphia Eagles. In order to get where we wanted to go, we had to beat them. And in order for us to get where we want to go, we have to beat the Patriots. The game earlier this year doesn't matter. The game two or three years ago doesn't matter. All that matters is the game on Sunday. If we play better, we win."

(on a change in the confidence of the defense)
"Well, you get confidence when you make plays. It's kind of hard to get confidence when you're not making plays. The more plays you make, the more confidence you get, and I think that's just attributed to going out there playing hard and making plays and not missing as many tackles. I've said all along, our biggest problem this year is we missed a lot of tackles. When we play fast and tackle the football, I like my chances every Saturday and Sunday we play, just because that's the type of guys, that's the type of talent we have. If we continue to do that this Sunday, we'll be fine."

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