Saturday: "I Hope We Bust Out"

Colts center Jeff Saturday knows the Colts will be facing another huge defensive challenge this weekend, but he's hopeful that the Indy offense will have a big offensive showing in front of the home crowd. Find out what he had to say about Peyton Manning, the Patriots and more!

(on the importance of being able to run out the clock against good defenses)
"Doing it against Baltimore was a great way to finish the game. We didn't have a great day of punching it in once we were in the red zone, but we knew we could eat clock up. That game was a grind to begin with, so being able to put the (game) away and rush the ball that many times, obviously, we were extremely excited about it. I thought the backs ran very hard. They saw holes, little seams in there, and they would hit them for three or four (yards). The reality is that that is what you have to do in the playoffs. There are going to be a lot of runs that are two yards or three yards here and there, but you never know when you're going to bust one for eight or nine (yards), or even break it out (for something) bigger than that. That's really just the grind of the playoffs."

(on how he would characterize Peyton Manning's postseason career)
"I think he's a great quarterback in the regular season and the postseason. When he plays well, he gets an amount of credit. And when he doesn't play well, he gets slaughtered. The reality is our team wins and loses. (In the) games that we've lost in the postseason and regular season, there have been 22 guys who are playing and participating who aren't getting the job done also. I think he pulls his weight every time we play. I think he's a great quarterback all the time."

(on the perception of Manning's postseason career)
"I think Peyton understands his role. He's one of the most notarized players in our game. Everybody knows him and everybody knows what he's about. He has been so successful that he gets a lot of pressure placed on him from outside sources. But I think he does a good job of understanding that he can only do one man's job, and that is playing the quarterback position. I think he does it great. I think he puts us in great plays. He has a lot of responsibilities in our offense that are above and beyond just throwing the ball. I think he does a great job managing the game. I've heard people criticize what he's done these last two weeks against Kansas City and Baltimore, but he has done a great job of managing the games, changing up tempos and doing a lot of things to keep defenses off (balance), and he didn't get credit for stuff like that because no one knows or talks about it. It's all about what he does with his arm. But the reality is that he has helped us win both of those games."

Colts QB Peyton Manning and C Jeff Saturday (Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)
(on whether the offense is ready to join the defense in putting up impressive postseason numbers)
"I sure hope so. I hope we bust out. I hope we score 40 points. But the reality is, in playoff games, defenses usually tend to decide those things. Defenses play tight ball games. Our defense has done a great job both weeks. It sure takes a lot of pressure off the offense. When you can punt the ball away and the defense gives it back to you after a three-and-out or after a drive with no points (by the opponent), it's extremely exciting and motivating for an offense. I sure hope the defense continues to do what they're doing. When we (the offensive players) do our part and get in the red zone, I hope we improve and score more touchdowns than field goals."

(on whether he feels the pressure to get to the Super Bowl)
"Absolutely. That's what my goal is every year, to get to the Super Bowl and win it. When you're this close, when you're in the AFC Championship Game, you're one game from what your goals are. I'm excited right now. I hope we take advantage of it."

(on the Patriots' defensive line, including Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour and Ty Warren)
"I think it's the best in the NFL. Those three guys in particular do a phenomenal job of giving offenses all kinds of grief. They can rush the passer, and they're all big, physical players. It's not that they're just pass rushers or just run stuffers. They can do pretty much both. That presents any offensive line with issues and problems. I think their front seven does a great job of getting pressure and mixing up blitzes. And they're a very smart defense. I think a lot of times people think that schemes do this or do that, but the reality is players are what make a difference. And they have a great group of players over there who make plays when they have the opportunity. They can turn the momentum of games around. They can change games."

(on whether the Colts see different things from the Patriots' defense each time the teams face each other)
"Not really. They're a pretty consistent defense. You don't get a bunch of junk from them. When you line up, you know what they're going to do and they know what you're going to do, and you just play it out. What they do well is stay consistent. They don't beat themselves. They're not going to leave a guy running wide open down the middle of the field. They're not going to leave a guy (open) on the sidelines. They all tackle extremely well and they play their gaps. They understand that one man has a specific responsibility, and that he does it — and if he doesn't, they'll bring somebody in who does."

(on how impressed he has been with RB Joseph Addai coming in as a rookie and playing the way he has)
"I've been real impressed. I think he has done a great job of complementing our offense. He hasn't been a guy that has come in and wanted all of the carries. He does a good job rotating with (Dominic Rhodes). I think he has picked up our pass blocking scheme very well. He does a good job of picking up blitzers. And then, when he catches the ball in the open field, he gets first downs. As an offensive linemen, one of the goals is to always keep drives going, move the chains, move the ball, stay on the field to try to tire a defense out. He does a really good job of doing that. He's not doing a lot of juking. He puts his head down and gets the first downs and keeps the chains moving."

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