Morris Ready to Get Down to Business

Veteran middle linebacker Rob Morris was a standout on the Colts' special teams during the past two seasons. But then he was asked to try his hand at strongside LB to help shore up the defense. He talked to the media this week about that switch, his upcoming trip to Miami and much more...

(on how to not let Sunday's victory be too satisfying)
"It's become abundantly clear to me in the last few days that our veteran leadership is treating this like a business trip. We are in this for one reason and that is to go play a football game against the Chicago Bears. All the hoopla and extra stuff for the families is going to be great for the families."

(on not letting the Patriots win linger)
"No, I don't think so. It's great to kind of get over…that was a great story line getting over your nemesis and that was fun for everybody, but it just means we got there and the Bears haven't been there in a long time either, so I'm sure they are looking at the same way as us. Don't focus too much on just getting there. Focus on winning the game, and that's our goal."

(on being back in the starting line-up and making a difference)
"Well I hope so. That's what they tell me. What I do is just go play hard and try to get the guy with the ball. That doesn't change whether I'm running down on a kick-off or whether it's a punt, whether I'm on defense. Obviously the coaches felt like I could contribute something in the game plan and they put me in there and I have to play well. This game will be no exception. I think I'll be a big part of this game with their style of play and I'll really have to step-up my game."

(on thinking days as a starter were over)
"In this league you realize and it's the most cliché thing…you are one play away from being a starter. If you are on the 53-man active roster you better be tuned up and ready to go. Being a veteran guy having started four years five years, I kind of knew it was real close at any point and always kept myself prepared to play."

Colts LB Rob Morris tackles Eagles RB Reno Mahe (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(on changing positions)
"It was easier than I thought because I found out on a Wednesday morning before the Monday night game against Cincinnati that I was going to be starting and I've never played outside-linebacker at any point in my career. Basically I just had to learn on the run. So my philosophy became get the guy with the ball and if you do, you are right. Essentially, you're always right unless you are wrong. So that kind of became my philosophy. Get the guy with the ball and you'll be right. I've kind of learned some of ins and outs of the position in the last few weeks."

(on biggest difference in position change)
"You see things from a little bit of a different angle. Your drops are a little different as an outside-linebacker. I had to kind of get used to not calling the plays, not getting the signals. At the same time, me and Gary (Brackett) can communicate really easily because we are used to seeing the same thing. I can see where the calls are going to be made and we can talk. I think it's helped in that. It's kind of like having two middle-linebackers out there on the field."

(on describing Bob Sanders impact on the defense)
"Bob (Sanders) brings, aside from what he brings physically which is he's a punishing hitter, he covers a lot of ground, he's good in run support, but he's also always around the ball. Aside from that I think, he brings a little bit of confidence, a little bit of swagger to the defense. At times, when Bob wasn't in there, we played really well at times, we didn't play well (at times). All eleven guys contribute, but I think those are some of the things that Bob brings intangible wise. Just a little bit of confidence, a little bit of swagger."

(on facing Devin Hester)

"You better tackle the guy early because he can make you miss and he's got a lot of speed. He likes to get to the outside. You'll see him where it looks like a dead play and he'll turn it around and take it all the way across the field and make yards. So we have to be very strict on our assignments, be very conscience of where he's at and get off blocks and tackle."

(on appreciating going to the Super Bowl more then others)
"I don't know if I appreciate it more than anybody else. I appreciate it a lot. I'm pretty sure I would have appreciated regardless if I had not been a starter. It's nice to be back in the starting lineup. It's good to be playing. I felt like when I was a special teams player that I was a big part of the team. I never felt like I was a minor part of the team. Whatever role it is, it's special to be out here. It will be special to be able to step out there and be a starting linebacker in the Super Bowl."

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