McFarland: Colts "Have a Lot of Moxie"

Colts defensive tackle Anthony McFarland is one of three Colts who have played in a Super Bowl in his career. Find out what he had to say to the media this week about this year's Colts squad, the Bears' running backs, and much more!

(on personally getting to play in the Super Bowl)
"It means a lot. If you look at the circumstances last time, being hurt, this season getting traded in the middle of the season and to come here and to be very, very blessed to be on a team that perseveres and that continues to fight and struggle and to have an opportunity to play for a second world title in my career and also to have the opportunity to be on the field and playing this time…it means a lot. It just shows you how good God has been in my life and how blessed we are, and if you keep on persevering and you keep on fighting, all the things that you want in due time will come. I wanted to play last time, but didn't get an opportunity to and didn't know if I would ever get one again. Through hard work and through struggles, we are there again."

(on why the defense is better in the playoffs)
"I think when you get in a situation where it is do or die, sometimes guys don't or we as humans, we don't respond or do our best or play as well until we get backed into a corner. Fortunately for us, that's what the playoffs are. I mean, you get backed into a corner, a lot of one-game seasons, you play well, you move on; you lose you go home, and I think that's the attitude we've taken. Guys are making plays. That's the bottom line. I tell you guys every week, the game is going to come down to five or six plays every Sunday and the Super Bowl is going to be no different. It's going to come down to five or six plays and whatever team makes those plays is going to win and what ever team doesn't will lose."

(on (DT) Dan Klecko making plays for the offense)
"That's something that he's worked on all year. He's worked on coming in on offense and blocking and doing some different things. It just shows the unselfishness that we have as a team that we will do whatever it takes to win. It's not about who's doing what, how their doing it. It's just about winning."

(on coming back from an 18-point deficit)
"It just shows that we are a resilient team. It shows that we have a lot of moxie, a lot of pride. Even when we were down at halftime, the whole thing was, ‘Let's do our job just a little bit better.' Sometimes you get in situations as people, when we get down, when we get in situations where we struggle, we tend to want to change, we tend to want to act in a panic mode and I think it's just a great tribute to the head coach that we have to know that when times get tough, that's when you do what you do just a little bit better. You don't panic. You don't change."

DT Anthony McFarland vs. the Eagles (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(on being the missing piece to the beat-up defense)
"I'm just a piece of the puzzle. As you know, when you have a puzzle, and then you have a lot of pieces that fit together and when they fit together well, the puzzle looks good, but if some of the pieces are off, the puzzle is going to look bad. So I just look at myself as a piece of the puzzle. [I'm] very, very fortunate not only to be in the Super Bowl, but to just to be here in the city of Indianapolis to be here playing, and I'm just enjoying it. I often said when I got here, I'm not the whole puzzle, I'm just a piece and when we get all of our pieces fit together. I like our chances. So far this post-season and towards the end of the regular season our pieces have fit together pretty good. We just have to continue that role in the Super Bowl."

(on what it took to fit in with the Colts)
"You just understand the different guys you play with. I come from Tampa where I was fortunate enough to play with three more than likely Hall-of-Famers in (John) Lynch, (Derrick) Brooks and (Warren) Sapp, and so you learn the game of football from them. They were tutored by Tony (Dungy) and also Lovie (Smith). You learn how to play the game. You learn the nuances of the game and then to come here…now I'm playing with a different group of players. We are a lot faster here then we were in Tampa on defense and a lot younger also. So some of the things that I looked to those guys for, now some of these guys look to me for, and I just try to share that same knowledge that was passed down to me. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. Football is football."

(on how to focus during Super Bowl week)
"I gave them one real message: that the Super Bowl week is for everybody else, the football game is for us. That's really the only thing that matters. I say everybody focuses Super Bowl week around every other thing and they save the best for last and that's the game. I think that's what we have to realize, that we are the show. All the other side and pony shows that go on are for everybody else, all the media. It's a great event, it's a great spectacle to see and one day experience and be a part of. I told them that I actually got a chance to work from the media side at one Super Bowl that we didn't get a chance to make it and I saw a different side and it's a zoo. If we approach it that we are the show, we are the one's that everybody has built this event around and that often people say that winning is not everything. Well, in the Super Bowl, winning is the only thing because nobody hardly ever remembers who loses and that's the message I conveyed to them."

(on who has the advantage at the head coach position)
"I don't think anyone has a leg up. I think when you talk about two of the finest coaches in this game, its tomato, tomato, however you want to pronounce it. I think when you look at that, you look at two coaches that are well-respected among their peers, well-respected among a lot of people, well-respected as people in general, not just football coaches. I think when you look at that this thing, it is so evenly matched. [There] are so many different story lines and avenues with this game, especially with these two coaches, that its just a joy to be apart of and a blessing."

(on the Chicago Bears running backs)
"[They are] two very good running backs. When you look at (Cedric) Benson and (Thomas) Jones they have a very nice one-two punch. I think everything starts up front with them. It starts with the offensive line. (C) Olin Kreutz is the best center in the game with out a doubt. They want to run the football. There is no doubt about that. I'm not saying anything anybody doesn't know, and obviously it starts with the offensive line and starts with their two tailbacks."

(on moving to the next level after beating the Patriots and having to deal with the pressure)
"There is no pressure. The weird thing about this game that we play is that all the pressure that is supplied comes from the outside. We as players try to line up, you prepare the best you can, you do the best job that you can once you prepare and you go out there and play the game. In this business you are going to win some and you are going to lose some. Everybody that has ever played the game has been on both sides. You just have to go out there and make sure that you are as prepared as you can that you play as hard as you can. Ultimately during the game there is going to be five or six plays as I always say that are going to decide this game. You don't know what plays they are going to be, nobody knows. It might be the first, maybe play 20 or maybe play 50. So you have to prepare and play each play as if that's the play. I think as long as we do that we'll be fine."

(on what Super Bowl win would mean to the city)
"The Super Bowl is always big. Any time you can bring a championship of any kind to a city, it brings a lot of pride to the city it brings a lot of confidence. The city feels better. I often said in Tampa when we won the Super Bowl down there, it seemed like the police got a little friendlier, the grocery stores got a little friendlier. Everybody was in a better mood from a people standpoint. Obviously life goes on win, lose or draw. It just makes the atmosphere in which we live and the atmosphere in which we work in that much more pleasant and the much better."

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