Five Colts: Dungy Media Quotes

Colts head coach Tony Dungy talked to the media this week about some of his key players such as Dallas Clark, Anthony McFarland and Raheem Brock...

(on TE-Dallas Clark
"Dallas Clark, that's another unbelievable story. We played Philadelphia in a night game and he gets hit and he's down on the ground. I went out on the field and they told me it looks like an ACL. We're ready to put him on IR the next Tuesday and Dr. (Arthur) Rettig called back and said, ‘I wouldn't put him on IR just yet. It may not be where he requires surgery.' And five weeks later he's playing. He's been a big, big part of our offense because he can do so many things. We can play him in tight, he can block at the point of attack, he catches the ball outside, we can flex him out and try to get mismatches with linebackers and safeties. He's had an outstanding playoffs and made a lot of big catches for us, especially in the Baltimore and New England games."

(on TE-Dallas Clark saying he still didn't know if he was ‘there' yet as far as taking over the TE spot after Marcus Pollard left and if he was just being humble)
"He is, but that's the way Dallas is. I had a talk with him and the thing that I said, ‘Hey, we drafted you number one. We know what you can do athletically. You can catch the ball, you can be a point-of-attack blocker, you can do all the things we need done, but you have to step up in the leadership role. You have been so used to watching Marcus and deferring to Marcus that you have to be the guy, and we think that you're ready for it.' And he was ready, but that's a step that he had to take and he's done it well."

(on TE-Dallas Clark being listed as 252 pounds and if he is more like 230 pounds)
"Maybe 240. He's not what you call a prototypical tight end, not a big guy, but he blocks very well. He's what I'd call a tenacious blocker and more of a guy that stays after you than a guy that overpowers you. He's done a great job for us and we look for the guy who can that can get down the middle of the field and catch the ball deep. So we're probably never going to have the 260-pound tight ends that a lot of people have."

Colts TE Bryan Fletcher congratulates TE Dallas Clark (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(on the play to TE-Bryan Fletcher and if he gives the players that type of freedom on the field to call a play)
"We do, and that's the thing about this offense, that you have that type of ability to create. That's one of the good things about the no-huddle; you're walking around back and forth, you have time and guys are saying, ‘Here's how he's playing me, here's what I can do.' And then it's up to him, Peyton, to incorporate that into the play call. He always says that Brian has a lot of suggestions and that he has a lot of plays and most of them don't work, but that particular one he was right on."

(on DT-Darrell Reid on special teams)
"Darrell Reid has been very good for us on special teams. He has been one of our better blockers on our kickoff return unit and punt return. He brings a lot of energy and he's just that right size. He's a big body, but he can run well. The energy that he brings to it is what's been awesome. He relishes that role now of being one of the leaders and he's done a good job."

(on DT-Raheem Brock and his transition to from DE)
"It's an adjustment. Raheem Brock, he was left end for us for his first four years here and did a great job. We played him inside really just in passing situations, and he had a lot of success in there rushing the passer. We made it a full-time thing this year and it's not as easy when you have to play the run and you have to face the double teams. He's grown into it. He's played better every week. He's probably still not totally comfortable in there but, especially once Anthony (McFarland) got here and we were able to get him on the nose and Raheem playing the off tackle, it's been pretty good for him and he's blossomed."

(on how much of a difference maker DT-Booger McFarland has been)
"Booger has been really a blessing for us. It just happened at the right time. Corey Simon was out with the illness—we expected him to be here—we had lost Larry Tripplett in free agency and then Montae Reagor went out with the car accident, so all of a sudden our top three tackles from last year aren't with us. Anthony is just not only a good player, but knowing exactly what we do and knowing the system, he was able to plug in right away. He was playing well for us but I think it took him a while to accept that leadership role that we talked about with Dallas Clark. He wanted to just come and fit in because he hadn't been here. He realized once we got here how young we were on defense and that he was going to have to be one of the leaders and a vocal guy. And I think that's what has happened; I think his personality has grown into affecting us as much as his play. That's really helped us and he's been exceptional for us."

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