Rhodes, Addai "Feed Off Each Other"

Colts RB Dominic Rhodes talked to the media about the benefits of the Colts using a rushing tandem approach this season and why it's been giving other teams fits in the playoffs. Get his thoughts on his his relationship with Addai and on Bears MLB Brian Urlacher in this feature.

(on sharing time at running back with Joseph Addai)
"I think the good part of it is that right now me and him are still real healthy, bodies feeling real good and we are able to get out there and run faster than other people that took a pounding all year. This two-back deal, I never would have expected it to be the way it is, but it's been an awesome thing. Me and Joe (Addai) get along real well and we kind of feed off each other and tell each other what's going on out there on the field. It's been a pretty good and unique situation."

(on being fresher than the defense in the fourth quarter)
"Oh, yes. You can see when the defense is getting tired out there. They're not making the same plays they were making at the beginning of the game because at the beginning of the game, everybody's fresh and ready to go. By the end of the game with me and Joe (Addai), we've been rotating. Both of us, we're still rolling like we were in the beginning while everyone else is tired and they can't get off the blocks as good, and we are just hitting the holes quick still."

(on how Edgerrin James feels about the Colts going to the Super Bowl)
"I'm pretty sure he's happy for us. It's not just Edge (James); it's Marcus Pollard, Marcus Washington, Mike Peterson, David Thornton, all those guys. I know they are wishing they could be with us right now, and in the same sense we wish some of those guys could share in this experience to because they set the foundation up."

(on going against LB – Brian Urlacher and what makes him stand out)
"His nose for the football. The guy is so instinctive, the guy can play football. It's not about the schemes they draw up or anything. He just knows how to get to the football, and when he gets there, he's bringing everything he's got. He makes great tackles, he's a great player and he just knows how to play the game and is a special player."

(on importance of knowing where Brian Urlacher is at all times)
"Most definitely, you have to know where #54 is at all times on the field because he makes a play every game. He's the guy that charges their defense up and gets them ready to go. It's one thing to know that a guy is good, but when you know that a guy is going to be good everywhere on the football field...I watched him a couple times on Monday Night Football and it's amazing how many times he's in on a tackle. He's just there all the time."

(on his reaction to Joseph Addai starting)
"That's fine, let's play some football. Really the whole year we have been switching on and off anyway, so both of us have been the starter regardless. Sometimes I'll start the beginning and he'll start the second half. It hasn't been a big deal to me. I'm just going out here trying to help my team win and that's the bottom line. It's not about one individual person. It's about all of us. That's why we're here right now still playing, because we don't have a lot of guys that are selfish. We take pride in helping this team win, and that's what it's about."

(on taking pride in having out-run every playoff opponent)
"I'm a running back. Me and Joe (Addai) both are running backs, and our linemen, we take pride in being able to run the football. That's what we want to do. People may think that we aren't a running team, but we get it done and that's the bottom line. We get it done out there, and for the last couple of weeks, we proved that we don't have to pass every time. We can get in there and get down in the trenches and push the ball down the field."

(on the Bears defense in general despite the injuries)
"I still see a great defense. I think guys have stepped up and filled roles that key guys have left and they are still playing some good football or else they wouldn't be where they are right now—and that's playing us in the Super Bowl. They're still going to come out there ready to play and I'm pretty sure the guys out there filling the roles are going to be playing just as hard as the starters were. It's still a good defense and it's going to be a great game. I see it being a great game and a game for everyone to talk about for a lot of years."

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