Addai's "Just Been Taking Little Steps"

Colts RB Joseph Addai talked to the media about the success he's had so far this year, the challenges presented by the Bears' defense and its leader MLB Brian Urlacher, and his relationship with former teammate LaJuan Moore...

(on hitting the rookie wall)
"Right now I feel better then I did in college. It's probably best that me and Dom (Rhodes) split carries. It was good for both of us. I think that's a positive thing too. Right now I'm feeling real good, I'm feeling real fresh."

(on learning the no-huddle offense)
"I think the toughest thing was just knowing the code words. First you have to learn the plays and then you have to learn the code words. I think that was the biggest thing, but once I got the code words down it was kind of easier with the no huddle because when Peyton (Manning) gets in the huddle, he calls two or three plays and it's kind of hard to remember all of those. In no-huddle, he's only calling one play and then he might check it and then that's the play we are running with. The biggest thing was just really understanding the code words."

(on being surprised by the success)
"Really, I've just been trying to take little steps. From the beginning I've been asking them a lot of questions and I think that's what's really helped me get knowledge of what's going on, and I've just really been taking it one game at a time. I'm not trying to go out there and just be a hero and make something really happen, but just trying to be productive for the team and it's out of that that I've had a good year."

(on what point did Joseph Addai feel comfortable)
"Right now I feel comfortable. As the season was going on, I was feeling comfortable and I was getting more relaxed in the game. I think it just takes games to get really comfortable because you are actually in there and in those situations."

(on how much pressure did he feel following Edgerrin James)
"A great running back like Edgerrin is going to be hard to replace him. I didn't have a lot of pressure on me because you still have a veteran like Dominic Rhodes that understood the system. It wasn't coming in like, ‘Okay, you have to start.' Dominic kind of helped me out. We kind of took the load off of each other. We kind of fed off of each other. We understood what we could do as individuals, so we weren't trying to be like somebody. But at the same time, we understood what he did in the past and we know we had to fill in the spot. We understand our game, we understood our game and just went out there and played some ball."

Colts RBs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes talk on the sideline during practice (AP Photo/John Harrell)

(on his relationship with Colts RB – Dominic Rhodes)
"The first time coming into the Colts, Dom (Rhodes) introduced himself to me and he made me feel comfortable. Every little thing, like ins and outs of the game, he tried to help me, and little reads when he's out there, ‘Joe look out for this, look out for that. Watch how they are coming off the block and watch how fast they are flowing.' Dom (Rhodes) has been a great help to me, and if it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have the success that I have had this year. "

(on whether the defenses look the same)
"The Bears do a lot of Cover Two, we do a lot of Cover Two. You can say the schemes are pretty much the same. I kind of watch our defense while we're out there and see what they are doing so I can get a feel of the Bears defense."

(on similar aspects of Colts defense and Bears defense)
"In the post-season, we stepped our game up defensively. I think it's really going to be a defensive match this game. Our defense has been playing great this post-season, their defense has just been playing great all year. It's going to be a tough game. It's going to be a hard game. We are going to have to play for 60-minutes."

(on what concerns he has going against LB – Brian Urlacher)
"He's a hard hitter. He gets to the ball and he understands football. We have to do our best to get blocks on him and do what we do and really stay on the blocks. Just really respecting his game and how he loves the game and the passion that he has for the game, just to go out there and oppose our will on them."

(on what makes LB – Brian Urlacher special)
"Just the love that he has for the game. You see him and you can tell that he really has a nose for the ball. He gets to the ball and makes a lot of tackles and he's always trying to be on every tackle. I think that's the best part of his game, trying to get to the ball and trying to be in on tackles."

(on meeting LaJuan Moore)
"We actually met in ninth-grade. I knew of him when I was younger because at that time we would go to different places and different parks and play against each other or whatever, but I actually met him in high school. I think the first time we actually talked, he wanted to borrow 50 cents from me and he never paid me back. And we've been on that for the longest. It seems like we connected when we met."

(on continuing the relationship with LaJuan Moore in the future)
"We are always going to be the same. It's more than just football with me and LaJuan. We've been friends for a long time now. So, it's more than the football playing. Whatever LaJuan needs, he knows he can count on me. Whenever he wants to come to a game or he just wants to come up or get away, he knows he can count on me to come get him or whatever. It's more than a football thing for me and LaJuan."

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