Devin Hester "It's Very Special"

Bears CB Devin Hester talks about what lies ahead for his team and what it means to him to be going home to finish a special rookie season...

(on thoughts on the Bears '85 team)
"They made it in '85 and it's been a while since they've been back. This is my first year as a rookie and there are some great players that we're playing with now. I'm going to go out this year and try to prove to ourselves that we're capable of being as good as they were and hopefully be able to win the Super Bowl."

(on what you remember about the Bears '85 team)
"They were a more dominant team. They were more vicious ultimately around that time, and they dominated every team they played. And where they took over the ballgame, and that's what we're trying to bring back to the Chicago Bears now, just a more physical team that's willing to go out each and every play and come out with the victories."

(on liking the underdog role during the season)
"Right, most definitely, because it not only gets you fired up, but it puts a chip on your shoulder, and that chip just being on your side sitting on your shoulder lets you know that we have something to prove. That's the way we've been playing all year. Every game this year we've been playing, we've had the opposite team winning, and for us to come out like we did this year and produce the way we did is a great honor. Like I said, we're the underdog in this game and that's the way we like it, and that's the way we're going to go out and play."

(on it being special that he went to the Bears realizing it would be this special)
"Not this year, especially the first year - the things that God blessed me with, my season this year. Like I said, it's very special and it means a lot to me and I hope to continue to do the things I've been doing."

(on coming out of college early and being in the Super Bowl)
"It means a lot, coming out early, I felt that a lot of people were doubting me and saying that I wasn't going to be able to do this and that I wasn't going to be able to do that. Amongst me and my mom, we sit down and we talk and I say, "Well, it's another test and we got to go out and prove to the guys that are doubting you that you're capable of being in the League as well as playing."

(on transition to NFL and ups and downs)
"It kind of started off pretty good, towards the middle of the season it was bouncing back and forth. In the end when it all boils down, you got to sit down amongst yourself and say, "What is the reason for things like this happening", for me to have some of the bad games that I had. When it all boils down, this is just going back to fundamentals and the basics. The past two weeks, I've been working on the basic things just tucking the ball in and having good ball security. I'd say that's what I've been working on now."

(on when you realized you were the fastest guy)
"When I was in my fourth grade year and in elementary they had a fifth grade field day, and that's when all the fifth graders and the fastest one in each class race. My brother was bragging about me, he is older (in fifth grade), and he said, "My brother is in the fourth grade and he can beat all you all." They had a big argument about it and they actually came and got me out of class and I ended up racing them and beat all of them."

Bears CB Devin Hester
(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

(on the Super Bowl being special being from South Florida)
"It's been the big talk back at home and being a South Florida kid, and not only my first year in the league but as well as being in the Super Bowl down here in South Florida, it's a great honor, like I said, and I thank God for everything he's doing in my life and I'm hoping he continues to keep blessing me."

(on if being in South Florida is an extra distraction)
"No, I really don't think so. Being down here from South Florida, I've played amongst all my family members, they've always supported me through high school to Pop Warner so it's not like it's new. You're going to take it like a normal game and have my fans support me as well as my family and just try to go out and do the best I can."

(on what you tell your teammates about staying focused in the South Beach area)
"Miami is a great place to visit and there are all kinds of things you can get into. Just being down on the beach is probably the safest place to go in Miami and I told the guys that we're really here for one purpose, and that's to win the Super Bowl, but at the same time you kind of do want to have a little fun so be careful and be aware of your surroundings, but when it all boils down, you know you're here for one purpose and that's to play the football game and also come out with the victory. The guys that we have on this team are very smart and focused on this game and that's what we've been hearing since when I was on the plane coming down here. That's all the guys were saying, was, "We really know we're down here for one reason and that's to win the Super Bowl and after the Super Bowl you can do all the partying you want to do." We have a 12 o'clock curfew and I told the guys, well everything doesn't start until 1 o'clock and that's when we'll be in bed."

(on Colts starters on special teams coverage)
"I feel it's a great idea. I mean it's the last game of the season which is the Super Bowl, and it's the biggest game of the season that they are going to play in as well as us. When it all boils down, I feel that you should have the best players on the field at all times, especially a situation like this where it's the Super Bowl and there is only one game that matters."

(on if he's flattered by the Colts starts on special teams coverage)
"I really didn't think about it like that, but he (Tony Dungy) is a smart coach and he's going to do whatever it takes to win."

(on being afraid that the Colts will kick it away from you)
"Right now, we're not really trying to get into that. We're looking at it as the Super Bowl and they are just going to go out and play as hard as they can. I hope they kick it to me and not try to give up too much good field position. In the end, if they want to kick it and kick it out of bounds, then it could help out our offense as well."

(on catching up with Reggie Wayne)
"I'm hoping we can catch up, but during the offseason when I was at Miami playing for the University of Miami, during the summertime, we'll be there working out during the summertime, guys would always call me and join us and workout with us. That's basically how we spent time together."

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