Olin Kreutz "Relishes The Role"

Bears center Olin Kreutz spoke to the media about his fellow offensive linemen, quarterback Rex Grossman, the Colts' defensive line and more...

(on the Bears' offensive line personality)
"Our personality is that we just keep banging our heads against the wall. We are going to keep trying something and trying something. If it does not work, we are going to keep trying. If we cannot run the ball, we are going to keep trying anyway. We never give up on anything, we just keep on trying. We have a lot of veterans on our offensive line. Because we have a lot of veterans, we don't really need a leader. I think the fact that you guys (the media) call me the leader is a little overrated. Our offensive line is made up of guys who have all started in this league and have a lot of starts."

(on the importance or the Bears offensive line staying healthy for two years)
"Any offensive line needs health for continuity. We need to be working together. We need to know what the guy next to you is going to do without even talking to him. So if you can stay healthy the entire year, that helps."

(on the Bears offensive line being built through free agency)
"I am flanked by all free agents, but I think it has worked because we are all veterans. We all started in this system at the same time. There are not plays that we have not run. We know our strengths and weaknesses, we cover for each other, and that is why it works."

(on how long it took for the Bears offensive line to develop continuity)
"It took about a year. (Bears General Manager) Jerry Angelo did a great job of keeping everybody here together."

(on offensive coordinator Ron Turner's blocking schemes)
"Ron put in a power running scheme. We don't have a lot of plays, but we are going to do what we do, which is not very much, but we are going to do it well. We power run, but we can also zone block. We sometimes come right down hill at you with a little power."

(on the fact that the Bears have no outspoken personalities on their team)
"It's a reflection of Lovie and our entire team. We don't see the need to run each other down in public. If we have something to say to each other, we say it behind closed doors. That's the way we deal with things. Everybody has different ways; that way works for us."

(on if the Bears had a turning point game this season)
"We felt coming out of camp that we were a Super Bowl team. We knew we had all three phases, and some point during the season, all three phases showed up and won the game. Our team is a complete team."

(on learning a lesson in the 31-13 home loss to the Dolphins on Nov. 5)
"Miami has a great defense and they did a good job against us that day."

(on the team's mindset after losing to New England 17-13 on Nov. 25)
"Our mindset was that we lost the game and that we needed to get back to work. New England did a great job that day. We knew it was going to be a tough game and it was. We still thought the Super Bowl was still a possibility because we were 11-2 after the Patriots loss and we still had the best record in the NFC. Everything was still right there for us."

(on enjoying Super Bowl week)
"I am enjoying this. When I got off the plane, it kind of hit me that you are really here at the Super Bowl. You see all of the media and stuff like that."

(on if the Super Bowl is just another road trip)
"No, it's not just another road trip. That would be silly to say that. This is the Super Bowl. I would be lying if I said that this was just another road trip. All I am trying to do is keep my emotions in check, and try to stay focused on the game."

(on the Bears being the underdogs in the Super Bowl)
"We have been the underdogs all year. We kind of relish that role. We will see what happens Sunday."

Bears QB Rex Grossman (Getty Images/Jonathan Daniel)

(on the AFC dominance in past years in Super Bowl games)
"I don't think about things like that. The AFC has a lot of good teams and a lot of good players. They deserve all the recognition that they get. Until an NFC team steps up and beats an AFC team, you are going to hear that the AFC is the superior conference."

(on if Bears QB Rex Grossman is the other QB in the Super Bowl)
"Unless you are (Patriots QB Tom Brady) playing against Peyton Manning, you are probably just the other quarterback. Rex is used to that."

(on Rex Grossman's mental toughness)
"Every pro goes through that. The media was on him more than anybody else. When you are a first-year starter, you are going to get beat up sometimes. You don't have a good week every week. The real pros step up again, come back from bad games, and keep playing. And Rex showed that he can be a pro in this game. I don't think Rex needs to be any tougher than he is. He has taken a lot of heat from a lot of different places. We are in the Super Bowl, and he is still taking heat."

(on does Rex Grossman have thick skin)
"Obviously, he does because here we are in the Super Bowl, and he keeps on making plays."

(on the Bears potent run game this season)
"We take pride in running the ball. That is what we want to do."

(on Bears RB Thomas Jones' great season)
"His work ethic is tremendous. He is always in the weight room. He is always studying film. He sees stuff, tells us what he sees and also tells us how he wants a play blocked. He brings a lot to our team."

(on the center he watched growing up)
"I watched (former Pittsburgh Steelers C Dermontti Dawson). I thought he was a great center and the best to ever play the game. I also watched Tom Nalen and Kevin Mawae. I've learned from all of those guys."

(on Colts DT Anthony McFarland)
"He is a Pro Bowl caliber player. He was very good in Tampa Bay. He played more three-technique than nose guard in Tampa Bay. I played against him his rookie year when DT Warren Sapp was there."

(on the Colts defensive line)
"They count on movement and schemes. They do their jobs very well. They also play with great pad level. Our challenge with a line like this is to be in the right spots, and you have to have great pad level."

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