Terrence Wilkins: "It's All Instinct"

Colts returns specialist Terrence Wilkins answered a few quick questions from the media on Wednesday. Take a look at what he had to say...

(on if he thinks special teams can decide Sunday's game)
"It could. With a big game like this, you have two powerhouse teams and it's going to come down to something. Specials teams might be the case. Adam (Vinatieri) has kicked some winners in big games like this. It could be a field goal, a punt return, kickoff return, a tackle – anything as far as special teams. It's possible that it will determine the game."

(on if there is a specific style to punt and kickoff returns or if is purely by feel)
"I got asked the question yesterday. ‘Before you catch the ball, do you already know what you're going to do, or what move are you going to make?' You really can't say because you don't know what your opponent is doing. It's all instinct. You really don't determine that until after you catch the ball. The first thing you want to do is catch the ball and then determine what you want to do."

(on if there is quality about Devin Hester that has put him among the elite of return men)
"I haven't watched film on him, I've watched him on TV a little bit, but he makes plays. He's a threat out there. I'm sure he gives a lot of props to those guys that give it up for him out there who are blocking for him. I do the same. Anytime I get a big return, those ten guys are the ones busting their butts, who are out there, getting in front of those guys and making it happen for you."

(on returners that he tried to pattern himself after when he first came into the league)
"Eric Metcalf was real good. He was a guy who went to my high school (Bishop O'Connell HS in Washington, D.C.) and I used to watch film on him in high

(on what determines whether or not he calls for a fair catch on a punt return)
"It depends on our call and who we have doubled and singled-up, and then also who is coming down the field. If you've got three guys coming at you, you probably want to fair catch it if they're like five feet from you. You kind of want to look up at the ball, look down and make sure your coast is clear. Then you want to make a play. It depends on the setting of the game. It might be a situation where we have them back up at the five and they're punting from their end zone. That's an opportunity to return a ball. It all depends on the game situation."

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